• HALF (50%) of all children don’t know that BLACKCURRANTS grow on bushes
  • 60% of children have no idea where STRAWBERRIES grow or that GRAPES grow on vines
  • Over 90% of children don’t know that BANANAS grow on banana plants
  • Over 40% of children hope to visit a fruit farm this summer

WATCHKatie Piper gets British children swapping their flip-flops for farming boots and visiting a fruit farm for the very first time

Almost a THIRD of UK children admitted to having never wondered where a piece of fruit is grown, according to a new study released today.

The research by organic juice drink brand HONEST® Kids also showed that over 40% of UK children don’t know what an orchard is and a THIRD have never picked their own fruit.

Findings from the study also showed that whilst the same amount of children named strawberries as their favourite ‘go-to’ fruit, two-thirds (60%) said they had no idea how they were grown, and a further fifth of them also said that they didn’t know apples were grown on trees.   

As a result of these findings, author, philanthropist and TV personality Katie Piper has teamed up with HONEST® Kids, the organic fruit juice drink made from just water and natural fruit juices, to invite a group of children - who have never been on a farm before - to spend a day on an organic fruit farm discovering how apples, grapes and berries are grown.

Katie Piper, mother of two and new brand ambassador for HONEST® Kids, said – “I’m really excited to be working with HONEST® Kids to encourage more families to get outdoors this summer, visit their local pick-your-own fruit farms and learn more about how fruit is grown.

“A pick-your-own fruit picnic is a great summer activity to do together as a family and a fun way to re-engage with nature whilst also learning a little more about where our food comes from.

“It’s really refreshing as a busy mother of two to find a product like HONEST® Kids which is so simply made with just water and organic fruit juice – perfect for on-the-go refreshment during the hectic summer months”.

The study also showed that over a quarter of children had never visited a farm before, but that over 40% said they’d like to visit a fruit farm this summer.

Brand ambassador Katie Piper will be appearing with HONEST® Kids at the GO! Organic festival on the 8th September in Battersea Park, London.