This International Coffee Day (1st October), enjoy your coffee the organic way with Honest® Organic’s new Coffee drinks available in Latte and Mocha flavours.

Honest® Organic have sourced from around the world to find the very best sustainably-farmed Arabica coffee beans from Peru, Bolivia, Salvador and Mexico. Each bean is then expertly roasted to maximise its rich flavour before being blended with creamy, organic milk and just enough organic cane sugar to deliver a great taste that’s less sweet than other ready-to-drink cold coffee options*.

Available in two delicious flavours, both Honest® Organic Coffees are available from WHSmith and Wasabi, RRP £1.80 for a single bottle. For a classic coffee hit look no further than Honest® Organic Coffee Latte or for a more chocolatey treat try Honest® Organic Coffee Mocha with added organic cocoa.

Certified organic by the Soil Association, each bottle is made from innovative PlantBottle packaging, which is made from renewable plant material and is 100% recyclable.

Best served chilled, Honest® Organic Coffees are the perfect drink to add to your morning, or afternoon, routine.