Today, GLACÉAU smartwater announces British supermodel Jourdan Dunn as its new brand partner in the UK. The premium bottled water brand celebrated the announcement with the release of a stunning suite of intimate portraits showcasing Jourdan’s playful personality. As a trailblazing, globally renowned model who balances her successful career with motherhood, international travel and a passion for health and fitness, hydration is the foundation to Jourdan’s dynamic lifestyle, making her new partnership with smartwater a natural fit.

With a campaign launching in the coming months which explores the different aspects of the model’s multi-faceted lifestyle, Jourdan announced the news of the partnership today on her own Instagram channel, teasing followers to expect the full campaign soon.

Jourdan said, “Looking and feeling my best is an essential part of my job is and water has always been the starting point for me. With my hectic travel schedule, early call times and juggling motherhood and an active social life, smartwater is my number one go-to in order to stay refreshed and focused throughout the day.”

She continued, “I’m passionate about wellness and drinking water is my top health, fitness and beauty tip. I’ve always chosen smartwater because of the clean, crisp taste. I’m also in love with the packaging—simple, chic and 100% recyclable which is important to me.”

Captured by London photographer Zoe McConell, the announcement images bring to life the iconic water droplet from the glacéau smartwater logo as well as showing Jourdan relaxing in a white robe on set of her smartwater campaign shoot. Throughout 2018, Jourdan’s partnership with smartwater will showcase how the brand is an integral part of her wellbeing lifestyle; from fashion, fitness and food to travel and beauty.

Gemma Barnett, Marketing Manager at glacéau smartwater said, “It was imperative to us that our new ambassador is a truly authentic fit for our brand, and we are thrilled that Jourdan has joined the smartwater family. As a supermodel, career woman, beauty icon, fitness enthusiast and globetrotter, Jourdan is known for making smart choices and she represents the ultimate smartwater lifestyle, so she is the perfect person to front our brand in the UK and inspire others to lead a healthy, active and vibrant life.”

As the first ever bottled water brand in the UK to use a unique method of vapour distillation, smartwater features added electrolytes (calcium, magnesium and potassium) to ensure it always delivers a distinctly pure and clean taste. Perfect for hydrating on the go, smartwater is 100% recyclable, made up of 30% plastic from plant-based materials which has a lower carbon footprint than traditional plastic.

For more information and updates on the smartwater and Jourdan partnership, follow the brand on Instagram and Twitter.