From today, Coca-Cola fans can get their hands on the newest addition to the Coca-Cola family - Coca-Cola LifeTM. The new cola contains a third less sugar and a third fewer calories than regular cola1 thanks to a blend of sugar and stevia leaf extract. The new cola can be found nationwide from today in supermarkets across Great Britain.
The lower sugar, lower calorie Coca-Cola LifeTM gives people another option when choosing a Coke to fit their lifestyle, whether that is Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola LifeTM with a third fewer calories1 or two zero-calorie options in Coca-Cola Zero and Diet Coke.
Coca-Cola LifeTM contains sugar and a naturally-sourced sweetener – stevia leaf extract – which represents the latest from The Coca-Cola Company in sweetener innovation.  Stevia leaf extract is sourced from the stevia plant, which is native to South America.  Currently, Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) uses stevia leaf extract to help sweeten in Sprite and glaceau vitaminwater.
This is the latest innovation from the Coca-Cola system following a series of actions by the Company to help people lead happier, healthier lives.  These have included:

  • Reducing the calorie content of Sprite by 30%2 by reducing the sugar and introducing stevia leaf extract2;
  • Launching the smaller 250ml can across the Coca-Cola portfolio;
  • Undertaking calorie reductions in some of our other brands, including Lilt, Oasis, Fanta and Dr Pepper which we have reduced by 56%, 35%, 30% and 30% respectively.


" Coca-Cola LifeTM, the lower calorie cola sweetened from natural sources3, is the latest innovation in the Coca-Cola portfolio in Great Britain. It gives people a new option with fewer calories and complements our existing brands. We’re providing people with another choice of Coke, so they can choose the one which best suits their lifestyle." Jon Woods, General Manager Coca-Cola UK and Ireland

“We recognise that many people want to reduce the sugar and calorie content of the drinks they enjoy, while still enjoying the taste. Over recent years the Coca-Cola system have innovated to reduce the calories in Sprite, Fanta, Dr Pepper, Lilt and Oasis, alongside providing a zero calorie version of every main brand in our portfolio.
“We are committed to working with others across society to promote well-being and help address the public health challenge of obesity. As part of these efforts, we’ve taken steps to provide consumers with more drink choices, including more lower calorie drinks and smaller pack sizes as well as a significant investment to support programmes to help people become more physically active."

Earlier this year, Coca-Cola GB announced it would invest £20 million in physical activity programmes through to 2020, in an effort to help get one million people active. To support people to lead active, healthy lives, the company is investing in new programmes such as Coca-Cola Parklives, as well as existing partnerships with StreetGames and Special Olympics GB.

CCGB is a public signatory to the Government’s Responsibility Deal and has committed to reduce the average calories per litre in its range of sparkling drinks by 5% by the end of 2014.
Coca-Cola LifeTM is available in a 330ml can, 500ml PET bottle, 1.75L PET bottle, 6 x 330ml can multipack, and 8 x 330ml can multipack. Coca-Cola Life’s 500ml bottle contains PlantBottleTM plastic made using up to 22.5% plant materials combined with up to 25% recycled plastic. All packs are fully recyclable and both the 330ml can and 1.75 litre PET bottle contain recycled materials4.
The recommended retail price for a 330ml can of Coca-Cola LifeTM is 68p – in line with the rest of the Coca-Cola range. Like 97% of Coca-Cola products sold in GB, Coca-Cola Life is being made in Great Britain at Coca-Cola European Partners’ factories in East Kilbride, Edmonton, Wakefield, Sidcup and Milton Keynes.
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For further information please contact the Coca-Cola Great Britain Press Office on 020 8237 3782 or
Notes to editor:

  1. 36% fewer calories vs full calorie colas in GB due to a sugar reduction of 37% and the use of stevia extract.
  2. Versus most full-calorie drinks in GB at the time of introduction in 2012.
  3. Sugar and stevia leaf extract.
  4. The 330ml cans are made from aluminum containing 46% recycled aluminum. The 1.75L bottle contains 25% rPET.

About Coca-Cola Great Britain:
Coca-Cola Great Britain is responsible for marketing 23 brands and over 100 products to consumers across Great Britain, with a focus upon developing new brands and extending existing brands including Coca-Cola (recognised as one of the world’s most valuable brands).
Other Coca-Cola Great Britain brands include Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero, Coca-Cola Life, Fanta, Sprite, Dr Pepper, Oasis, Glaceau vitaminwater, Glaceau smartwater, Schweppes, 5 Alive, Lilt, Kia Ora, Relentless Energy Drink and Powerade. The Coca-Cola Great Britain portfolio is worth £2,095 million with value sales growth of 4.8% in the past year.  Within this, the My Coke trilogy (Coca-Cola, Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero) is worth £1,162 million (Nielsen, w/c 20/04/13).
In 2013, The Coca-Cola Company announced four global business commitments to inspire happier, healthier communities. These commitments are to: make low and no calorie options available in every country; market responsibly, including no advertising to children under the age of 12; provide transparent nutritional information, including calorie content, on the front of our packs; and help get people by moving by supporting physical activity programmes in every country.
Coca-Cola Great Britain is committed to developing innovative, responsible and sustainable initiatives that help protect the environment. The Coca-Cola system has launched its PlantBottle™ plastic made from up to 22.5% plant-based materials.

For more information about Coca-Cola in Great Britain, please visit our website at