Today, Coca-Cola Great Britain (CCGB) launches a new, bold and thought-provoking through the line campaign in the UK. 'Reasons to Believe (in a Better World)' includes a TVC, OOH advertising, digital and cinema advertising and will affirm Coca-Cola’s status as a brand that promotes optimism and happiness.

The new TVC is made up of a series of contrasting scenes that show both negative and positive vignettes, to remind its audience that there is more good than bad in the world. The scenes depicted are based on qualitative research into what issues matter to UK consumers. 'Reasons to Believe' communicates hopeful messages that invite consumers to see the world differently.

The multichannel campaign will include a sixty-second TV spot and a targeted ninety-second piece of digital content for social media. Towards the end of January, two additional pieces of content will launch to further amplify the Reasons to Believe campaign.

The campaign will be underpinned by targeted outdoor and instore activity, as well as strong digital and social media activation, which includes inviting consumers to contribute their own 'reasons to believe' on Coke Zone, the brand’s digital brand platform. To maximise the reach of the campaign, CCGB is also linking up with Kindle, Spotify and Xbox, so consumers can experience 'Reasons to Believe' via a number of digital platforms.

Bríd Drohan-Stewart, Marketing Activation Director, Coca-Cola Great Britain and Ireland comments: "For 127 years we have been proud to create bold, thought-provoking campaigns, and the 'Reasons to Believe' campaign firmly follows in these footsteps. This campaign takes us back to the heartland of what our brand has always stood for – talking to people on an emotional level about topics that are relevant to them and spreading happiness and optimism.

"This campaign has already run successfully in 70 countries around the world and is rooted in local research. Coca-Cola as a brand has never been afraid to speak its mind and has an authentic cultural depth across the world - everyone in some way has a nostalgic connection with the brand, evoking happy memories."

The brand has always been a cultural and social part of consumers' lives, with a rich history of nostalgic, memorable and evocative campaigns, which capture consumers’ imaginations. From the famous 'Hill Top Ad', with the timeless slogan 'I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke' to the magical 'Holidays are coming' 'Christmas Truck' ad - these moments are woven into history and embody happiness and optimism.

The ad creative was developed by Ogilvy and Mather, with Mediacom handling the media planning and buying.

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About Coca-Cola Great Britain:

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