The leaked Coca-Cola Europe document being referred to in some media reports today is 12 months old and provided a simplified view of our position on numerous issues at a point in time.  As issues evolve, so does our thinking, and in several aspects the document is already out of date.   Our view on packaging is that it is valuable and essential for our business and for people to be able to enjoy our products.  Any changes to policy around it are therefore important to us and so no one should be surprised that we closely follow these discussions and have a point of view on them. 

We meet with a wide range of organisations and individuals with an interest in a given topic, including politicians, Government officials, charities and campaign groups, to understand their latest thinking on policy issues.  In Scotland, along with other drinks manufacturers, we have had several constructive meetings with the Government, policy makers, industry groups and NGOs to discuss plans to reduce littering and increase recycling.

We hold regular meetings with NGOs to update them on our progress towards delivering our current ambitions to boost the sustainability of our packaging and seek their advice on where we could improve things in future. Only last week, we organised a round table with 15 expert organisations and campaign groups, including Greenpeace, to ask them what more they thought we should be doing to help improve packaging recovery and recycling in the UK.

We support recovery and recycling of our packaging and we want to help find ways to ensure that less of it is littered and ends up in the sea.  Whilst we support and participate in deposit schemes in some countries, in some cases we have believed a different approach could be more effective and more sustainable than DRS – and in the UK we have raised some concerns about the impact of a DRS scheme on household recycling rates. However, we are open to engaging in constructive dialogue and working with others to create effective, long-term solutions.