We want to be open about our funding of academic research and support of third party organisations.

We rely on scientific research to make decisions about our products and ingredients and commission independent third parties to carry out this work. We also believe we have a role to play in helping tackle obesity and have made public commitments to do so. The Coca-Cola system have taken steps to help people reduce their sugar and calorie intake from our drinks - through reformulation, the introduction of smaller packs and by investing more in marketing our no sugar options. In addition we are committed to supporting local community programmes to get people moving. All of this work involves meetings and partnerships with a range of third parties, including academics, healthcare professionals, NGOs, charities and Government.

In the US, the Coca-Cola Company recently published a list of health and well-being partnerships and research activities we fund there, dating back to 2010. We are currently compiling a similar list in Great Britain, and will make it available in a way that is easy to access and understand for anyone who wishes to see it.