Where Everyone Plays: Behind the scenes | Sponsorships and partnerships | Coca-Cola GB

Where Everyone Plays: Behind the scenes | Sponsorships and partnerships | Coca-Cola GB

Have you seen our TV ad Where Everyone Plays? It marked the start of our huge partnership with the Premier League and, as director Stacy Wall puts it, acts as an “authentic and compelling love letter to the Premier League on behalf of Coca-Cola.”


So what makes it authentic? The fact that it stars real-life fans from all of the Premier League’s 20 clubs. And today, we’re taking you backstage for an exclusive look behind-the-scenes.


Lights, camera, fandom!


“You can spot the difference a mile away,” says Stacy – a seasoned pro in the commercial directing world – discussing how and why Where Everyone Plays uses real football fans instead of actors.


In fact, the ad includes genuine fans from all over the UK, supporting clubs across the league, who all turned into actors for the day to give it their all and make their mark.


You can see them all on set in our behind-the-scenes look here:



As you’ll see, it wasn’t just supporters who made the cut. Those ardent fans are joined in the ad by Man Utd and England star Jesse Lingard, and pro-turned-pundit Jermaine Jenas – who makes a surprise appearance as a battered fish. As you do.


“I’ve commentated in a variety of situations,” Jermaine says, “but analysing a game as a battered fish has to top them!” When it’s all in the name of celebrating the people who make the Premier League as diverse and exciting as it is, though, he’s clearly up for anything.


“It’s about bringing the fans together,” he adds. “To be a part of it has been absolutely fantastic, and I’m looking forward working with Coca-Cola to help bring more fans closer to the action.


Co-star Jesse Lingard, meanwhile, explains that “surprising fans while they were being filmed and seeing their reaction was incredible!”


In the end, Where Everyone Plays is a tribute to the faces behind the football. As Coca-Cola Marketing Manager, Alec Mellor puts it in our behind-the-scenes video: “it’s a celebration of all the people who contribute to their clubs every weekend.”


You can watch the full ad, and keep up to date with all the latest from the partnership over at our Premier League hub.