Where Everyone Plays: Coca-Cola and the Premier League | Sponsorships and partnerships | Coca-Cola GB

Where Everyone Plays: Coca-Cola and the Premier League | Sponsorships and partnerships | Coca-Cola GB

We’ve got big news. We've signed an incredible partnership with the Premier League – one that’ll help us bring you, football’s loyal fans, new experiences, access to the biggest games, and a host of benefits that only The Coca-Cola Company can offer.


To celebrate one of the sporting world’s biggest new partnerships, we produced a new TV ad that puts the players, the pundits and the people all under the same spotlight – including more than 250 fans from 20 Premier League clubs.


It’s called ‘Where Everyone Plays’. Check it out below:



Some of football’s most famous fans – like Kayla, Crystal Palace’s intrepid eagle, and Everton’s weather-defying ‘Speedo Mick’  (who braves the cold on a weekly basis to watch his beloved team in just a pair of swimming trunks for charity) – made it into the ad, joining scores of weekend regulars to celebrate the huge role people like you, the sport’s most ardent supporters, play. It’s all set to Yazoo’s 'Only You', and shows exactly why the Premier League is the most exciting and diverse league in the world.


And they even rub shoulders with England star Jesse Lingard and commentator Jermaine Jenas, who put in a couple of surprise appearances.


“Coca-Cola has always been a passionate supporter of football and sport,” said Paul Grace, Marketing Director at Coca-Cola Great Britain and Ireland, “so we’re excited to be able to bring fans closer to the action through our partnership with the Premier League.


“The fans really are what make the Premier League,” said Jesse, on his starring role. “I wouldn’t be able to do what I do each week without them and so it’s great to be working with Coca-Cola to give more people the opportunity to get involved.”


“We want to use this opportunity to celebrate the people who make the Premier League the best in the world, as well as raising awareness of our wide range of drinks.”


Keep up with the action


So, where’s the best place to keep up to date on all the latest from our pioneering Premier League partnership? Right here on Coca-Cola Journey, naturally!


You can head over to our Premier League hub for all the latest as the season progresses.