Diet Coke: Put Perfect on Ice | Latest campaigns | Coca-Cola GB

Diet Coke: Put Perfect on Ice | Latest campaigns | Coca-Cola GB

Perfectionism can be a great trait to have – it’ll help you hit high standards, achieve more, and do your very best in the process. Sometimes though, trying to hit the heady heights of perfection can be pretty tiring.


Whether it’s achieving good grades, the stresses of working life, or keeping up with the Joneses on social media, it seems like we’re all in a never-ending battle to reach our peak – in every part of our lives.


Diet Coke wants to change that. We have a challenge to modern-day perfectionism: ‘Put Perfect on Ice’. 


Silence your inner perfectionist


Put Perfect on Ice is a campaign from Diet Coke that highlights the pressures we face in the daily battle to be the very best. Its centrepiece? A 30-second TV ad that shows just how draining it is to be constantly outdone by that 'perfect' version of yourself.


Check it out for yourself in the video below:



Be it fitness classes, social gatherings, or even a competitive streak down at the arcade, Put Perfect on Ice shows how the hunt for faultlessness exists in every part of our lives – often without us realising it’s even happening.


So, hey, maybe it’s time to slow down, have a cold Diet Coke, and relax?


Take a break


Just as our 2018’s 'Because I Can' campaign empowered Diet Coke drinkers to live their lives unapologetically, Put Perfect on Ice encourages all of us to stop chasing perfection and take a quick ‘Diet Coke Break’ from it all.


Fast forward to 2019, and ‘Diet Coke Break’ is more important than ever, it’s just what we’re breaking from that’s changed: the expectations of modern life:


“This change in focus is an important move for Diet Coke and Coca-Cola,” says Paul Grace, Coca-Cola Great Britain’s Marketing Director. “We know young adults are under pressure to achieve perfection in every aspect of their lives, and we want to help challenge this with our new campaign.”


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