As part of our reporting around our support of health and well-being scientific research, partnerships and collaborations, we are also sharing the list of health and scientific professionals or experts with whom we have collaborated and consulted.

The Coca-Cola Company, one of its branches or subsidiaries, or The Coca-Cola Foundation provides funding to support their efforts to share scientific expertise, practical nutrition, physical activity, and lifestyle information with consumers, health professionals and the scientific community in relation to Great Britain. These activities include speaking at conferences, writing scientific articles and chairing roundtable meetings to discuss topics such as low calorie sweeteners. Experts state their own views and disclose their relationship with Coca-Cola.

The listing of an individual:

  1. Does not imply that he/she currently has any relationship with The Coca-Cola Company, one of its branches or subsidiaries, or The Coca-Cola Foundation; and

  2. Implies no endorsement of The Coca-Cola Company, one of its branches or subsidiaries, or its products, or The Coca-Cola Foundation.

Below is a list of the experts that the Company has worked with from 2010-2016. The total amount spent during this time for travel grants, related expenses and professional fees with these experts in Great Britain or by Coca-Cola Great Britain is £363,103.

Dr. Margaret Ashwell
Sue Baic
Prof. Stuart Biddle
Prof. Nino Binns
Sean Blair
Prof. Alan Boobis*
Debbie Cook
Prof. Monty Duggal
Fiona Hunter
Prof. Ken Fox
Lynne Garton
Dr. Geoffrey Livesey
Dr. Sigrid Gibson
Dr. David Haslam
Prof. Marion Hetherington
Penny Hunking
Angie Jefferson
Lucy Jones
Prof. Ian Macdonald
Dr. Nick Marcks
Prof. Ronald Maughan
Sian Porter
Prof. Andy Renwick
Prof. Peter Rogers
Dr. Carrie Ruxton
Carol Weir
Prof. Greg Whyte
Dr. Zoe Williams

* Work took place in 2013.

Three individuals with whom we worked in the past have declined to have their names listed. The aggregate amount of funding provided to these individuals in Great Britain over the past six years is approximately £4,287.00. This is included in the above total.

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