History of Coca-Cola_Atlanta Beginnings

From 1886 to the present day, this is the story of Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola story is a good one, even if we do say so ourselves...

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Contour Bottle history

Coca‑Cola’s history has got a lot of bottle. The world’s favourite soft drink started life as a soda fountain beverage, selling for just five cents a glass.

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What's in a name?

Discover how some of the world's most famous drinks got their names, including Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Schweppes and more!

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8th Home of Coca-Cola

9 Atlanta buildings Coca-Cola has called home over the last 130 years

The Coca-Cola Company has called nine different buildings in Atlanta, Georgia, it's home.

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The soda fountain story

Coca-Cola found its way into British soda fountains in 1900, when Charles Howard Candler brought five gallons of syrup with him on a visit to London...

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100 years of the Coca‑Cola bottle

The Coca‑Cola Contour Glass Bottle is a design classic, which has stood the test of time...

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