Coke is It

Coca-Cola slogans

Take a look at our gallery of classic catchphrases and seasonal tag-lines. Which ones do you remember?

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The 200-year history of Schweppes advertising

Find out how the brand came to be, and what ‘Schweppshire’, ‘Schweppsylvania’ and ‘Schweppervescence’ mean...

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The Share a Coke story

Discover how one of Coca-Cola's most successful marketing campaigns made a name for itself.

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Mary Alexander, Coca-Cola Model

A humble trailblazer: Mary Alexander

Meet the first African-American woman to appear in Coca-Cola advertising...

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Our Coca-Cola polar bears

The enduring history of our bears...

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Boys On A Bench Print Ad, Coca-Cola

‘Boys on a Bench’: Coke’s original #workthatmatters

The “Boys on a Bench” ad was a powerful brand statement about togetherness and inclusion...

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