Below you'll find some of the most frequently asked questions about the rumours relating to Coca-Cola.

1. Was Coca‑Cola liquid originally green?

2. Does Santa Claus traditionally wear red because it’s the colour of Coca‑Cola?

3. Has the secret formula for Coca-Cola ever been revealed?

4. Does Coca-Cola promote any particular religion?

5. Does Coca‑Cola transfer profits or funds to Israel?

6. Are Coca Cola drinks made on disputed territory in Israel?

7. Can I use Coca‑Cola as a household cleaner?

8. Can I use Coca-Cola as a sunscreen?

9. If I leave a tooth in a glass of Coca‑Cola overnight it will totally dissolve?

10. I recently got a message from Coca-Cola saying I had won a lot of money. Is this a scam?

11. Does Coca-Cola contain cocaine?

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