Below you'll find some of the most frequently asked environment questions about Coca-Cola:

1. What are Coca-Cola bottles and cans made of?

2. Why isn’t Coca-Cola European Partners using biodegradable material or other greener alternatives to plastic?

3. What is PlantBottle™?

4. What are voluntary on pack recycling labels?

5. Why are Coca-Cola European Partners only increasing the amount of recycled plastic to 50% and not 100%?

6. Why don’t Coca-Cola European Partners get rid of plastic bottles altogether?

7. Do Coca-Cola European Partners use voluntary on pack recycling labels on their drinks?

8. What is Coca-Cola Great Britain doing about litter?

9. How much recycled material does Coca-Cola European Partners use in its packaging?

10. Does Coca-Cola Great Britain support the trial of deposit return schemes?

11. What percentage of material in Coca-Cola’s bottles and cans is recyclable?

12. What is the Coca‑Cola system doing to reduce water wastage?

13. What are Coca‑Cola European Partners doing to reduce energy use, waste and packaging?

14. Why can’t Coca‑Cola European Partners make the entire PlantBottle™ package from plant-based material?

15. Do any Coca‑Cola products use GM ingredients?

16. Do Coca‑Cola European Partners test on animals?

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