No. Our manufacturing plants in Israel are in Bnai Brak and Askelon, neither of which is in disputed territory. They are 100% owned by a private company, Central Bottling Company (CBC).

Did you know? Coca‑Cola may be a global brand but all our bottling operations are local. The first people to be hurt by any boycotts are our local employees, followed by the thousands of retailers, distributors, farmers and others throughout our supply chain who rely upon on us for their livelihood.

Facts about our business in the Middle East
We operate across 14 countries in the Middle East and another 6 in North Africa, beginning with Egypt back in 1942. We launched our Palestinian operations in 1998 and today we have 3 bottling plants and 7 distribution centres, including one in Gaza. We employ 400 people directly and support 4,000 more through our supply chain. We are deeply committed to the Palestinian community we serve.

Coca‑Cola has supported many social and environmental initiatives that contribute to the sustainability of Palestinian communities, Israeli communities and communities in every single country in which we operate. Our initiatives have focused on youth, sports, health and education.

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