To celebrate 26th August, also known around the world as National Dog Day, editor Matthew Hepburn sniffs out five of Coca-Cola GB's animal-loving employees who are barking mad about dogs!

On Coca-Cola Journey we do our best to take you behind the scenes, and introduce some of the multi-talented people who work at Coca-Cola Great Britain. So, in aid of National Dog Day, which aims to raise awareness around the number of dogs that need to be rescrued each year, we've decided to go a step further (or paw, should I say) and show you the furry side of the business too!

Below are some of the photos shared by our pooch-loving, puppy-oogling, canine-crazy employees, when an email asking for dog pics was circulated around the office. I challenge you not take make an "awwww" sound. 

Name: Winston
Breed: Chihuahua
Owner: Charlotte Davies, Communications Manager

"He's the best dog in the world," says Charlotte. 

Name: Jack (left) and Amber (right)
Breed: Labradors
Owner: Tim Pain, IT Technology Services Lead

Name: Gus Gus
Breed: French bulldog
Owner: Christina Lecky, Coca-Cola Senior Brand Manager

"Not only is he cute, but he has amazing taste," winks Chrissy.

Name: Rocky and Gus (the spotty and naughty one!)
Breed: Labradors
Owner: Nikki Sale, Digital Marketing Manager

Name: George
Breed: Labrador (and guide dog)
Owner: ParkLives Newham ambassador

Name: Benjy
Breed: Bedlington long-haired Jack Russel
Owner: Lynne Stelling, Personal Assistant (it's actually her neice's dog)

"He looks very different when trimmed" reveals Lynne. 

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