Adam Smith is Head of Commercial Partnerships, PR and Events at StreetGames. This blog post was originally published on LinkedIn.

A year ago today, this happened: 

Whilst often under-reported, my experience is that big brands can connect with consumers in significant ways through CSR and community initiatives. I know many of the marketers out there will think that CSR has no impact on the bottom line and is more beneficial for the partner organisation, but you'd be surprised.

As a presenting partner of the FIFA World Cup, Coca-Cola has access to some of the most unique assets in the sporting world - one of which is the FIFA World Cup Trophy! As one of their community partners, during last years tournament, The Coca-Cola Company worked with StreetGames to contribute to its mission of changing lives and communities through sport.

They did this in numerous ways; flagbearers, trophy tour, ambassadors, FIFA World Cup Final, on-pack promotion, TV campaign, in-store activation, the list goes on...

The results of this were massive.

For Coca-Cola GB:

Over an 11 week promotional period, ‘Win a Ball’ became the best ‘asset’ driven on-pack promotion for Coca-Cola to date.

A total of £100,000 was donated to StreetGames to invest in training and education for young people in disadvantaged communities.

A Trophy Tour Video, featuring the work that Rachael and StreetGames does was viewed over 1 million times.

There was 290,000 views of a Coca-Cola GB & StreetGames partnership video hosted on the Coca-Cola GB website.

For StreetGames:

The StreetGames Logo was on 36 million promotional packs and was referenced in a TV campaign which reached 45 million people - giving great exposure.

2 young girls from rural Derbyshire were given the once in a lifetime chance to go to Brazil to be flagbearers at the first England game of the FIFA World Cup.

1 StreetGames coach and her project received the FIFA World Cup Trophy.

2 StreetGames project leaders went to the World Cup Final in Rio de Janeiro.

A total of £100,000 was donated to StreetGames to invest in training and education for young people in disadvantaged communities.

The stats speak for themselves. Even the CSR unbelievers should take the time to at least consider potential benefits of this magnitude!

The other part of this story is the potential legacy. The impact of this joint initiative will have a real effect on thousands of young people. Without taking up too much of your time, hopefully these two stories will demonstrate what I'm talking about and maybe strike a chord...

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