Holidays are coming! The UK-wide Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour is well underway, and our events team have been sharing a few of their favourite experiences so far. Keep checking in for highlights, funny stories and more…

21 December 2016

We have a winner!

Drum roll please… we have a winner for the Win a Truck Stop Competition! It’s Elisa Gonzalez-Ochoa from Cuffley in Hertfordshire took the big prize and was over the moon to have won. Her husband Hector and daughter Mila will also be enjoying the prizes.

It was extra special for Elisa and Hector because it was their anniversary yesterday. The family are originally from Mexico, and they had Hector’s mum over for the holidays. Elisa said she only entered one code and couldn’t believe it when she won – so she’s going to try the lottery next because she’s clearly very lucky!

Elisa reckons that a good chunk of the £1,000 Selfridges voucher (just one of the eight prizes) will be spent on toys for Mila. And Hector couldn't wait to play with the MacBook Air. Congratulations guys!

17 December

Santa’s almost here…

The incredible crowds lining at Southend-On-Sea

What a fab day in Southend-on-Sea! It was the first year we’ve been in Southend and I’m so glad we got to go. The town centre was busy from noon until night with everyone gathering round in excitement to see the Christmas truck. We had queues before we had even finished setting up. The council were on hand to help make everything run smoothly. Everyone was in the Christmas spirit!

11 December

Bit of a late update from London at The O2

We were back in the capital at the start of the month for Capital's Jingle Bell Ball. The fans were fantastic. Everyone was really excited to be going to the ball. We asked gymnasts Hannah Kennedy and Ellie Noyce to strike a pose – and they certainly did!

10 December 2016

Hello from Norwich! It was incredible to meet the fans here. Especially sisters Linette and Annabelle Flaxman with their adorable dog who they say is a Jack Russell on stilts. Massive Coca Cola fans who love the truck and even brought their own mini replica.

9 December 2016

Is it really winter?

We couldn’t believe the weather in Bournemouth. It felt like we were in Miami – bright blue skies and palm trees along the beach front, amazing!

The evening was incredible too – it felt like it could be summer, not the middle of December. We were all quite toasty in our fuzzy hats and coats.

8 December 2016

So many fans!

From the minute we started to the minute we finished, Doncaster was jam-packed with fans wanting their picture taken with the truck. We reckon we had about 3,000 people queuing over the day! We’d never seen anything like it.

6 December 2016

Cantastic display

Great day spreading festive cheer at the Truck Stop at Tesco, St. Helens! Only problem was we were on the other side of the carpark from the entrance to the store… we were a bit worried people might miss us, but our lovely friends at Tesco built this fantastic display to let people know we were there.

Coca-Cola Truck Tour Diary
‘Truck Stop here’: Tesco staff made this cantastic display in St.Helens

Like this? Then you’ll love these Coke displays from Coca-Cola employee, Mark Cave.

4 December 2016

We had a celebrity visit us in Liverpool today: Princess Cleopatra Superchill! She’s apparently the most famous dog in Liverpool and has tons of fans.

Princess had a sad start in life – she was found locked in a cage and was very stressed and depressed when her owner, Anthony Walsh, first adopted her. Anthony decided she had to have the most fabulous life and she’s now as happy as can be in her new home. She spends her days meeting and greeting fans in her special pram! And gets loads of attention everywhere she goes. Everyone seemed to know who she was and wanted to say hello to her.

“She loves all the fuss,” says Anthony. “She’s a real poser in front of the camera.” We can see why, she was adorable. And very, very laid back – hence her name!

Coca-Cola Truck Tour Diary
Some of the Coca-Cola team with Princess Cleopatra Superchill

3 December 2016

Met the most amazing grandad in Lancaster today. Arthur Lambert makes homemade toys for his kids and grandkids using Coca-Cola cans and bottles. Arthur says he’s always first in line to buy the latest Coca-Cola Christmas packs when they come out each year.

He’s been doing it for more than 30 years and according to his grandchildren, Rachel and Joshua, they’re the best presents ever!

Coca-Cola Truck Tour Diary
One of Arthur Lambert’s homemade masterpieces held by his granddaughter, Rachel George

1 December

Buddy the Elf puppy!

Truck Tour Ambassador Diary
Buddy the Elf puppy the puppy enjoying his first Coca-Cola Truck Stop

We had so much fun yesterday in Bradford with this adorable little cutie. His name (believe it or not) is Buddy the Elf! He followed us around and got into all our photos! He was absolutely fabulous. He even did a bit of presenting to the crowds!

Truck Tour Ambassador Diary
Buddy the Elf puppy with one of our own festive elves!

30 November 2016

Mannequin challenge!

We couldn’t resist having a go at the mannequin challenge... although it was a difficult not to laugh, and blink! #MannequinChallenge

29 November 2016

A visit from one of the Coca-Cola Collectors

Dave Allen, one of the Coca-Cola Collectors, popped by to our Bournemouth Truck Stop. Nice to see you, Dave! Check out his awesome collection.

Truck Tour Ambassador Diary - Dave Allen
Coca-Cola Collector Dave Allen

27 November 2016

Love is definitely in the air…

We’re all feeling very loved up on the Coca-Cola Truck Tour, as we’ve had another proposal! This time in sunny Scarborough. We saw the Twitter message pop up from a very nervous Steven, so we took him to one side and got him up on stage.

He kept saying: “I need to do it now! I need to do it now!” We found his girlfriend, Alice, in the queue and got her up on stage. She had no idea what was going on. We stopped everything, turned the music down and got them both up onto the stage handed him the mike and she just burst into tears! She said yes but really quietly, so we had to ask her to say it again!

It was really lovely because everyone cheered and clapped. People were coming out of shops congratulating them. It was a really nice moment. There wasn’t a dry eye among us. And we’re all invited to the wedding!!

Truck Tour Ambassador Diary - Proposal
The happy couple: Steven and Alice with their little boy

Truck Tour Ambassador Diary - Proposal

26 November 2016

She said yes!

Truck Tour Ambassador Diary - Proposal

Swindon was our busiest day yet! It was a sunny Saturday and we were located next to Asda. It ended on a high… We had a marriage proposal! <3 so lovely! The brave David asked the lovely Sophie to marry him and (spoiler alert) she said YES!

Truck Tour Ambassador Diary
Fantastic fans in Swindon

Truck Tour Ambassador Diary Swindon
Bright and sunny day in Swindon

25 November 2016

A wonderful welcome to Wales

Everyone in Cardiff was so welcoming! We had hundreds of fans flocking to have their picture taken with the truck, with people saying it wasn’t Christmas until they saw the truck! People were queuing up before we’d even opened...

Truck Tour Ambassador Diary Cardiff

23 November 2016

Having a blast in Newcastle!

Truck Tour Ambassador Diary Newcastle

Hello from Newcastle! We’re having a great time! The sun is shining, the crowds are incredible and the Christmas spirit is in full force.

Truck Tour Ambassador Diary Newcastle
Brand Ambassador Sophie takes the mike

22 November 2016

Hello, Yeovil!

Absolutely fantastic day. We had a massive crowd from start to finish, they were so happy to have a visit from the truck yet again (think it’s the third year in a row!) Even the Mayor and Mayoress came out to get some photos.

Truck Tour Ambassador Diary Yeovil
It was a Christmas wonderland in Yeovil

Truck Tour Ambassador Diary - Somerset
Getting into the festive spirit in Somerset

20 November 2016

Fantastic day in Dundee!

We were really impressed with the fans in Dundee! Everyone was in the festive spirit! We even had a bit of a Christmas sing-a-long. And to top it all off we got treated to some beautiful bright blue skies in the afternoon.

Truck Tour Ambassador Diary Dundee
The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Stop in Overgate Shopping Centre, Dundee

Truck Tour Ambassador Diary

Not seen us yet? There’s still time! The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour is running until 20 December 2016

18 November 2016

Loving Scotland!

We’re here! The iconic Coca-Cola Christmas truck is in Scotland. And what a welcome!  It’s fantastic when everyone is so enthusiastic and excited to see the truck. Someone said to us that it was magical, and it is! Thanks to everyone who came out to see us. We hope you had as good a time as we did! We particularly loved the tweets and messages.

Truck Tour Ambassador Diary Glasgow
Waving hello to Glasgow!

17 November 2016

The Truck Tour has officially begun! And we’re all so excited!

We kicked off at Bishops Square in Central London, right by Spitalfields Market. And WOW what a reception. The fans that came down were incredible! And everybody LOVED the festive animation - a new feature this year. 

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