Editor Matthew Hepburn reports back from Plan It Day, the first part of Do It Day from The Drum, where marketers and brands come together to solve some of the biggest issues facing local communities and companies like Coca-Cola GB. 

Today the Old Truman Brewery in London’s East End became a creative hub for some of the world’s biggest brands and brightest minds, as leading media and marketing publication The Drum kicked off its global Do It Day movement with Plan It Day (not to be confused with 'planet day', as one colleague thought I was saying).

The room was buzzing with creative energy and enthusaiam, as people from a range of different marketing backgrounds worked on briefs from well-known brands such as AirBnb, O2, NSPCC, Dixons, Amnesty International and, of course, Coca-Cola GB.

If you're new to Do It Day, it's all about using the power of marketing to change the world for the better. What that means in reality is that The Drum are challenging some of the best marketers from around the world to come up with creative ideas in response to real business challenges.

The challenge

We were there to challenge marketers to come up with a behaviour-changing creative campaign to encourage people to litter less and recycle more, which is definitely easier said than done. Litter is a particularly topical point at the moment, and a growing problem for a number of food and drink manufacturers. So even the slightest improvement can have a profound effect.

We're no strangers to the subject of litter and recycling either. For decades we've worked with environmental organisations like Keep Britain Tidy and Thames21, supporting them behind the scenes with their campaigns and volunteering staff time to do litter picks.

More recently we've highlighted the work of these charities and incorporated anti-litter challenges into programmes we run, like our annual Real Business Challenge. We've also invested in research to help identify and understand the causes of littering. You can also find a Coca-Cola Recyclometer on this site, which helps people understand the value of recycling, by calculating the positive impact they make every time they recycle a bottle or soft drinks can.

But, there’s always more that can be done.

Winners: Four marketers who came up with the winning plan for The Drum's Do It Day.

Two teams of marketers went head-to-head and used their combined brainpower to try and solve the problem. To help, The Drum invited entrepreneur and motivational speaker Shed Simove and award-winning creative director Gerry Farrell to share tips on how to think creatively, and pitch ideas.

The two plans were presented to sustainability managers Liz Lowe from Coca-Cola GB and Bev Burnham from Coca-Cola European Partners (pictured at the top), who carefully reviewed the campaigns before picking a winner. But, in true cliffhanger style, you’ll have to wait for Do It Day on the 10th November to find out what the winning campaign involves. Until then, follow #doitday for all the latest news. 

Find out more about Do It Day: http://doitday.thedrum.com/