Zahid Fayyaz is a Coca-Cola GB brand ambassador who spent his summer travelling up and down the country for our Coca-Cola Zero Sugar nationwide sampling tour. Here he explains what goes on behind the scenes, and why he loves his job!

I love my job. I started working for Coca-Cola GB as a brand ambassador because it’s a lot of fun – you get to interact with a lot of people, go to different places and ultimately put smiles on people’s faces. This is because one of our goals as ambassadors is always to give the people we meet a positive and memorable experience. To add a bit of sparkle to their day.

The Coca-Cola Zero Sugar sampling tour

I’ve worked on many different campaigns with Coca-Cola GB, like our popular Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour, which I’ve helped deliver for a number of years now. This summer saw the launch of new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, so we’ve spent the past few months travelling the country, meeting people and giving out free samples so they can try the new and improved taste.

The giant Coca-Cola Zero Sugar bottle

The tour started in July at the official Barclaycard presents British Summer Time Hyde Park, a week-long music festival in London, and then ended this month in Cardiff – we visited 11 cities along the way. When people come down to see us, one of the first things they see is a giant bottle of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, which gets a lot of attention.

It looks amazing and everyone always asks ‘Is that real Coke inside?’ It’s because it looks so real, with its bubbles and big stripy straw. People love taking pictures of the bottle – even if they don’t come and talk to us, they’re amazed by it and immediately flip out their smartphones.

The Coca-Cola Zero Sugar experience

First things first: when you come up and say hello, you’re given a free ‘perfect serve’ sample of new improved Coca-Cola Zero Sugar to try. And then, using our special cameras, you can have a few pictures taken with your friends or family enjoying the sugar free drink. These pictures then merge into a moving gif, which you can post on social media or have emailed to you.

When people post their gif, we encourage them to use the hashtags for the city they’re in, like #CokeLiverpool, #CokeManchester, #CokeBristol and so on – and then go and see if they can spot any of their friends’ gifs. The photo booths are clever because they have image-recognition software built in. You have to hold the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar can up to the screen for the pictures to actually be taken!

The reaction to Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

People are genuinely surprised when they taste the new Coca-Cola Zero Sugar for the first time. They want to know how it’s so close to the real thing if it doesn’t contain any sugar! The most common comment we get is that it “tastes just like the real thing!”

Despite being around Coca-Cola Zero Sugar all day, I still love it and will buy it to drink at home. It really does taste like Coca-Cola Classic but without the sugar. Being a fan of the drink helps me massively, particularly when you’re doing a job that means you’re representing the brand and the company. When you love what you do, and the product you’re selling, it really shows.

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