We love Christmas here at Coca-Cola and our ‘Holidays are Coming’ advert’, which aired last week, signals the start of the festive season for us and lots of other people across the country.

It’s not just our Christmas advert that people are excited about though, it’s also the Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour which provides a moment of fun in the build-up to Christmas. The tour is now in its seventh year and each year we receive hundreds of requests from people asking us to take the truck to their home town or city. We take these into account when creating the route the truck takes and it visits some of the country’s biggest cities, like Glasgow and London, for the simple reason that cities are where most people now live.

We know that, even at Christmas, many people are watching their sugar intake. As in previous years, two of the three drinks we are offering people on the truck tour contain no sugar – Diet Coke and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. Of course, we also hand out Coca-Cola Classic too because many people enjoy it and we believe they should be able to choose one if it’s the drink they prefer.

We provide all three drinks in small 150ml cans which are clearly labelled with nutritional information, including the sugar and calorie content. To provide some perspective, a 150ml can of Coca-Cola Classic contains 63 calories and 16g of sugar – which is significantly less than most standard chocolate bars, which contain around 250 calories or a mince pie! 

There is strong evidence that the actions we are taking as a business, which include changing our recipes to reduce sugar and focusing our marketing budget on our no sugar colas, are making a significant difference. Sugar in soft drinks purchased in British supermarkets is down by 19% in the last four years alone. This is a significant reduction and far exceeds the reduction in sugar achieved from any other type of food or drink. Unfortunately, there has been no corresponding decline in obesity rates.

We also ensure our truck tour teams are trained not to provide any drinks to under-12s, or any children that look under-12, without a parent or guardian saying they are happy for their child to have a drink.

We continue to listen to our customers and provide them with a choice. People can choose whether or not to come and see the Christmas truck when it’s near where they live.  And if they do decide to go then can then choose whether or not to have a soft drink on us and even whether or not that drink is one with or without sugar.

I am proud that Coca-Cola continues to be synonymous with Christmas and I hope that the many thousands of people who come out to see the Coca-Cola Truck Tour this year have a fantastic time.