We are committed to being a helpful partner in the fight against obesity. To do this we are focusing our efforts on reducing the sugar in our drinks and offering a range of lower and no sugar drinks, providing smaller portions including our 250ml can, helping people to make informed choices about the drink they choose by putting the government’s voluntary colour-coded labelling scheme on the front of all of our packs and increasing our marketing investment in our low and no sugar drinks. You can find out more about some of the actions we’ve taken here.

The evidence shows that these actions are working and making a difference. The most up-to-date industry data confirm no-sugar options now outsell regular soft drinks, and between 2012 and 2017 sugar intake from soft drinks has fallen by 16 per cent.

We have also committed to publishing annual updates of our funding and support of health and well-being related partnerships, research activities and support for health professionals and scientific experts. We have published this update on our online database that shows our support from 1 January 2010 through 30 September 2017.

Here is a summary of our disclosure for this one year reporting period, from 1 October 2015 to 30 September 2017:

  • We invested £1,579,365 in health and well-being related partnership and research activities during this disclosure period.
  • The majority of this investment (£1,322,125, 84%) has been in ParkLives, our community-based programme which offers people free and fun opportunities to be a bit more active in their local community.

This does not include the £30 million we’ve invested in our own business and operations since 2010 to help our consumers reduce their sugar and calorie intake through developing new recipes and removing sugar from existing ones.


We’re continuing to listen and have discussions with members of the public health community with respect to our ongoing work and investments in this area. By working together, we believe business, government and civil society can pursue solutions to support stronger, healthier communities. We remain committed to that goal.

Jon Woods is General Manager of Coca-Cola Great Britain and Ireland.