I gave up my seat on the tube this morning. It doesn’t sound like much, but for those of you who commute across London you know how precious sitting down on a packed carriage can be.

While it wasn’t a life changing gesture, hopefully it was one of those little things that made the bag-laden woman’s morning a bit more pleasant. It was really the least I could do on Random Acts of Kindness Day, which, for the record, is today.

It got me thinking about some of my favourite Coca-Cola moments when they’ve done something completely random to make people smile, which there are plenty of – take a look below!

1. The Best Vending Machine Ever?

When students at a London university got more than just a Coke from their campus vending machine.

2. Happiness Strikes in Southend

When StreetGames volunteer, Rachael O’Brien, got a surprise visit from the FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour.

3. A Dose of Happiness A Day

When Coca-Cola enlisted the help of six vloggers across five different YouTube channels to spread happiness in unsuspecting ways for Happiness Week.

4. A Dream Come True

When truck driver Matt Smith fulfilled his childhood dream and became the first member of public to drive the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas truck.

5. A Local Hero

The credit for this random act of kindness actually belongs to Neils Kegg, a volunteer in Newcastle, who used ParkLives from Coca-Cola Great Britain to start up a hugely successful five-a-side football league for young people in his local community.