Our Thirst for Knowledge team attended the Nursing in Practice 2013 conference in London. Watch video podcasts from two experts who presented at the event...

Professor Greg Whyte explains how small changes can make a big difference

Olympian and physical activity expert Professor Greg Whyte discusses how basic physical activity can help achieve energy balance. He explains how the fundamental concept of energy balance is simply about balancing energy consumed with energy expended. People often focus on the former; however, significant improvement to energy balance can be achieved by making small changes to everyday routine, raising cumulative physical activity levels.

Nurse Consultant Debbie Cook offers practical ways to achieve energy balance

Debbie Cook, nurse consultant and expert on obesity and diabetes, outlines practical suggestions healthcare professionals can make to help patients achieve energy balance. She explains that scientific descriptions of energy balance are often a barrier to patient understanding, and that patients respond better to practical ideas which are sensitive to individuals’ circumstances and beliefs.