Coca-Cola Japan's new head offices in Tokyo's Shibuya neighborhood stands seven stories high, with one underground floor. At its highest point, the building is 36.2 meters (118 ft.), approximately the same height as 184 Coca-Cola contour bottles stacked end-to-end. The tower's glass panels even share the same "Georgia Green" colour as the iconic bottle.

Cross-section slices and broken fragments of glass Coca-Cola bottles are embedded in the office's flooring, an eco-chic design feature that showcases the recyclability of the bottles.

More than 600 employees work in the new facility, which is expected to become the first Coca-Cola head office in the world to receive the highest LEED environmental certification.

Coca-Cola Japan Office

The walls of the meeting rooms feature graphics inspired by Coca-Cola from famous artists such as Andy Warhol and Mr. Brainwash.

A deck shaped like the Coca-Cola contour bottle on the building's rooftop is designed to be viewable on Google Maps.

Coca-Cola Japan Office

Take a virtual tour of the new Coca-Cola Japan offices, which opened in July, here:

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