Here in Great Britain the Coca-Cola system working hard to use innovation to help us manage the impact we have upon our environment across energy and climate protection, packaging and recycling, and water stewardship.

We are also focused upon improving the wellbeing of consumers, particularly given the issue of obesity, which is complex and influenced by many factors.

We are playing our part by offering a wide choice of drinks, as well as different portion sizes for different occasions, and featuring clear on-pack information to help consumers make informed decisions to suit their lifestyles. We are also investing more than £20 million to help improve the wellbeing of local communities between now and 2020.

We know we can’t achieve all this on our own, and we are committed to finding innovative solutions through collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders. We look forward to sharing our journey.

Download our 2015 Community Report (PDF).

View individual factsheets from the report: