Packaging plays an essential role for our business by protecting our drinks during delivery to our consumers and our customers. As a business we work hard to deliver the quality drinks people expect from us as sustainably as possible.

It may surprise some people to know that we are one of the UK's biggest users of packaging - our packaging represents nearly 52% of our carbon footprint, so we are working to reduce this. Here’s how:


We are focussed on reducing the amount of packaging material we use by making our bottles and cans lighter. In 2014, we reduced the weight of our 500ml PET bottles from 21.7g to 19.9g. We’ve also reduced the weight of our large PET bottles by introducing lighter, shorter closures for our sparkling brands. In addition to this we’ve lightweighted our can ends too.


We are using more material from recycled and renewable sources which is an important step in developing sustainable packaging. Our glass bottles contain about 37% recycled glass, while half of the aluminium in our cans is recycled. Using the metal in this way saves 95% of the energy needed to manufacture it from its raw form.

To increase the amount of recyclable material available, we invested in Continuum Recycling in Lincolnshire, a plastics reprocessing facility for collecting and reprocessing plastics as a joint venture with ECO Plastics. Over the last couple of years the plant has recycled more than a billion bottles. While we no longer have a stake in the project we do have a long term agreement to continue to source recycled plastic (rPET) from the site which means we can continue to use a minimum of 25% rPET in all our plastic bottles in Great Britain.


While 100% of our bottles and cans are recyclable, much of it sadly still ends up in landfill. We are therefore working to encourage consumers to recycle more, so we can reuse and reprocess old bottles into new ones. We adopted the On-Pack Recycling Label (known as OPRL), the symbol that promotes recycling clearly and consistently. We also set up Recycle Zones to encourage people to recycle when they are out and about. Recycle Zones are now managed by Recoup – you can find more information about recycling plastics here

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