StreetGames is a brilliant British charity that takes sport directly to teenagers in disadvantaged communities across the country. In 2011, we set up a three-year partnership and it went so well that we extended it for a further three years. By 2012, 6,000 more young people were involved in StreetGames sports festivals than during the programme’s first year.

So, what does StreetGames do exactly?

It provides sport for young people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to it, taking it straight to those who need it most. They benefit from proper coaching and a bigger selection of sports and activities (Streetdance, triVolle and Zorbing, to name a few). Plus, they get a series of neighbourhood sports festivals.

Going even further

With the help of StreetGames ambassador and boxer Anthony Ogogo, we launched Legacy 365. Among other things, this helps us to better support and reward our StreetGames coaches. Anthony has been visiting StreetGames projects to see the work in action.

By offering training sessions with high-profile sport stars like Ogogo, we’re celebrating and rewarding the children who give their time to StreetGames. With our support, StreetGames is encouraging and training young people to be not only athletes but an inspiration for others in their community.

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