It’s back on the road! The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour has officially begun. We’ve been eagerly awaiting the chance to see what's in store for fans, so as soon as we had the chance we headed down to Bishops Square in London - the first stop of the nationwide tour.

We can hear the familiar jingle before we even see the truck: holidays are coming, holidays are coming. It’s the sound of Christmas just around the corner. And we’re about to get well and truly into the Christmas spirit.

Despite the cold weather, which only adds to the experience, members of public have gathered near Spitalfields market which is the first stop of our nationwide Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour

“As soon as you see the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck you know it’s Christmas time.” - Victoria Miller, a Coca-Cola Christmas Truck fan

A Christmas icon

Each year the Truck Tour feels bigger and better, and needless to say the day doesn’t disappoint.

As we turn into the square a perfect Christmas setting awaits: almost real snowflakes are floating in the air, and our events team are dressed as Christmas helpers, while handing out free mini-cans of Coca-Cola Classic, Diet Coke and new and improved Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. But, of course, the main reason we’re all here is to get a glimpse of the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck in all its bright-red Christmassy glory.


With the 'Holidays are Coming' theme tune playing in the background, we eagerly queue up with other fans to have our picture taken with the iconic vehicle from our much-loved Christmas advert.

As we wait in the queue we get chatting to Sam Bishop, a mum from London. She’s come down to the square with her family specially to see the truck. “It’s sooo cold, but it’s definitely worth it to see the smile on their faces,” she laughs.

“Me and my mother-in-law actually have a competition to see who can see the Holidays Are Coming advert first!” – Darren Groucutt, a Coca-Cola Christmas Truck fan

‘Magical experience

Another mum, Victoria Miller, has come down because her son loves trucks, particularly the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck. “So we had to come down!” she says. “For me, as soon as you see the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck you know it’s Christmas time. The whole experience has been magical.”

As night falls the truck lights come on and everyone in the crowd cheers. The familiar chant of holidays are coming, holidays are coming begins, and we look up to see the truck begin to move! And not in the way any of us saw coming.

Christmas animation

“I wasn’t expecting that!” says Sophie Wiggins from Bath. “It’s a wonderful surprise.” Ai Nakagawa from Japan agrees, “That was so cool!” she says. The side of the truck has revealed a festive animation, which makes it look like we get a sneak peek inside. But we won’t ruin the surprise any further. If you want to find out, you’ll have to visit for yourself…

Adam Painting, from our events team, says he’s incredibly excited to be involved with the tour and loves the crowd’s reaction. “It’s our first day but already we’ve had an amazing response from everyone who’s come down. They’re particularly excited by the new animations we’ve got this year.”

Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour Projection

Holidays Are Coming

Combined with the new Christmas animation, there’s also an interactive element. The animation is being powered by the audience’s festive cheer. All we have to do is post goodwill messages on Twitter while at the location using the hashtag #HolidaysAreComing for the chance to see our messages to appear on the side of the truck.

Among the crowd are Susan and Chris Evenden from Bedfont in Middlesex. They’re both retired now, which they say gives them the chance to fully enjoy the build up to Christmas. “Which of course means seeing the Coca-Cola truck for real,” says Susan.

“We’re really enjoying the fun and festive atmosphere. All the people running the event have been so amazing and kind. We were actually here earlier too, but we wanted to come back to see the truck lit up once it got dark. So we came back for more photos and to enjoy the snow!

“It was lovely seeing the advert and personal messages which showed how happy people feel to be part of it all,” Chris adds.

Christmas Truck Tour Susan and Chris Evenden
Susan and Chris Evenden at the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour

The next thing we know, it’s our turn to be immortalised with the truck. We hand over our smartphone to Innes Mayorda, another enthusiastic member of the events team, who gladly takes our photo. And instantly we have our Truck Tour photo to post on social media, along with the hashtag #HolidaysAreComing. Even using the hashtag gives us an extra special treat (try it!)

We thank Innes for the pics and ask her how the day is going. She says that she’s excited that the tour has finally started. “We’ve been waiting for this day for what feels like ages now,” she says. “We can’t wait to start meeting fans up and down the country.”

Darren Groucutt is one of those fans. “You know Christmas has started when you first see the 'Holidays Are Coming' advert on TV,” he says. “Me and my mother-in-law actually have a competition to see who can see it first!”

Want to join in the festive fun?

The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour is spreading Christmas magic at 44 locations across the UK. And each stop includes free samples and a festive animation!

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