Coca‑Cola GB and Ireland receives water stewardship award for Malvern Water

1 Sep 2008

This August, the Friends of Malvern Springs and Wells presented the president of Coca‑Cola Great Britain and Ireland, Sanjay Guha, with their St Werstan award, to celebrate the company's stewardship of 'Malvern' Water and ongoing success and good management of Coca‑Cola's bottling operation in Colwall. 

The Award recognises outstanding endeavour in the conservation or renovation of the springs and wells and their immediate environment. Dr Bruce Osborne and Cora Weaver, members of the Friends of Malvern Springs and Wells, presented the Award. 

Dr Osborne said: "In spite of tighter regulation and the demands of the modern day marketing placed on water bottlers, our 'Malvern' Water bottling works at Colwall has survived. 

"Here we have a charming local enterprise. This is something that we in Malvern should be proud of and our St Werstan Award is made by the Friends of Malvern Springs and Wells in recognition of this continuing." 

Sanjay Guha said:  "We may be a global brand but we work very hard as well to be a local business. So the fact that this recognition comes from this community - and from those in the forefront of protecting 'Malvern's' incredible heritage makes it even more important to us."

"At Coca‑Cola, we feel privileged to have been entrusted with protecting and promoting its reputation - and enabling as many people as possible to enjoy it. Our commitment to 'Malvern' Water is for the long-term - and we are committed to this area and this community for the long-term as well." 

"But the emphasis we put on the environment and, in particular, water stewardship is not something limited to this exquisite area. It is now central to the way we do business in all 200 countries in which operate. It is recognition that it is impossible to have a healthy, sustainable business unless you have healthy, sustainable communities and planet.  So across the world, we are determined to act in a responsible, sustainable and environmentally-friendly way." 

Did you know?

- The earliest reports that people were visiting The Malverns for the healing power of the water came in 1622. 

- 'Schweppes' has been associated with 'Malvern' since I851,when J. Schweppe & Co. supplied the Great Exhibition at Crystal Palace. 

- Our site produces more than 26 million bottles of 'Malvern' Water every year. 

- It takes many years for water to travel through the rock and emerge at Primeswell Spring and the water flow averages 80 litres per minute.

Sanjay Guha receives the St Werstan Award from Friends of Malvern Springs and Wells' Cora Weaver and Bruce Osborne.


Notes to Editors:

'Schweppes' and 'Malvern' are registered trade marks of Atlantic Industries

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