In 2013, our beautiful polar bears returned to the screen in a series of wintry adverts featuring the Coca-Cola slogan ‘Open Happiness’. Two decades before that, they appeared in 1993’s animated ‘Northern Lights’ TV spot. They’ve gone from watching the aurora borealis with an ice-cold Coke, to making snow angels and befriending puffins.

The famous 1993 advert was created by Ken Stewart, who was inspired by his Labrador retriever puppy.

It took a lot of work to bring the furry, thirsty characters to life. Ken and his crew watched films and studied photos of polar bears to get a good idea of how they move their heads, bodies and limbs. A sculptor created the bears’ heads in clay to define their look.

There have been lots of Coca-Cola polar bear adverts since the 1993 one. For the 1994 Olympic Games, the bears slid down a luge and soared off a ski jump. Another year, cubs were seen decorating a Christmas tree. And another, a family of polar bears built snow bears in their Arctic Home.

Watch the bears do their thing in this 2013 short film produced by Ridley Scott.