Move to the Beat™ of London 2012

We’ve teamed up with music producer Mark Ronson to inspire young people to Move to the Beat™ of London 2012

Mark Ronson performance for Move to the Beat™ Coca‑Cola advert

As a Worldwide Partner of the Olympic Movement, Coca‑Cola strongly supports London 2012’s pledge to bring young people closer to the heart of the Olympic Games. We’re passionate about using our London 2012 sponsorship to make a positive difference in the UK – a difference that will last long after the Games have finished. Part of this commitment to sustainability is motivating teens across the country to get excited about sport, and inspiring them to lead active, healthy lifestyles.

With the world’s biggest sporting festival now on our doorstep, Coca‑Cola’s ambition is to connect young people across Great Britain with London 2012 by tapping into their passion for music. We’ve teamed up with some of London’s finest music talent – Grammy award-winning producer Mark Ronson and chart-topping vocalist Katy B – for Move to the Beat™, a campaign that fuses Olympic sport with London-based music.

What are the different elements of Move to the Beat™?

Coca‑Cola’s song for London 2012. Artists Mark Ronson and Katy B have created Coca‑Cola’s song for London 2012. Mark Ronson travelled the world recording the sounds of five different Olympic sports and used the different beats to create the uplifting track. Coca‑Cola’s song for London 2012 is featured on Coca‑Cola’s TV ads and mobile and web platforms during the London 2012 Olympic Games, as well as being released as a single.

The documentary. We’ve created a behind-the-scenes documentary that tells the story Coca‑Cola’s song for London 2012. The programme follows Mark Ronson on his journey across four continents to meet five Olympic athletes. The producer works closely with a table tennis player, a hurdler, a sprinter, an archer and a taekwondo athlete – capturing the sounds created by their different sports in action.

The Facebook app. Our new Facebook app, Track the Beat, allows young people across the globe to connect and interact with the campaign anytime, anywhere. Users can collect the different beats of Coca‑Cola’s song for London 2012 and share with friends, as well as access exclusive, behind-the-scenes clips of Mark Ronson’s travels.

The Coca‑Cola Olympic Games Pavilion. Move to the Beat™ has even inspired our Coca‑Cola Olympic Games Pavilion for London 2012 – a groundbreaking building in the Olympic Park known as the ‘Coca‑Cola Beatbox', designed by Pernilla & Asif LLP. By embedding the sports sounds from Coca‑Cola’s song for London 2012 within the building itself, visitors will be able to ‘play’ the Pavilion like a musical instrument and create their own beat for London 2012.

Sanjay Guha, Marketing and Olympics director of Coca‑Cola Northwest Europe and Nordics, says: "We are thrilled that Move to the Beat™ will give millions of young people in Great Britain the opportunity to get closer to the magic of London 2012 through the fusion of music and sport. We hope that Move to the Beat™ will inspire young people to move to the beat of London and join us in the biggest celebration of the Olympic Games in our 84-year partnership."

What else is Coca‑Cola doing to involve young people in London 2012?

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