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Meet the ten faces of our Future Flames campaign

Future Flames

As Presenting Partner of the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay, Coca‑Cola will be giving young people the chance to carry the Olympic Flame in this nationwide event. Our Future Flames nomination campaign will give young people who set an example to their communities the once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a London 2012 Olympic Torchbearer.

We’ve scoured Great Britain to find ten Future Flame ambassadors to motivate other teens and families to get involved in the campaign. Aged between 16 and 25, these young people have inspired others through their passions for sport, the environment, music and more.

Name: Andrew
From: Oldham
Age: 20
His passion: Muay Thai boxing
Nominated by: StreetGames

Andrew has represented England in Muay Thai boxing at world level, winning one gold, two silver and one bronze medals.

"My dream is that Muay Thai will eventually become an Olympic sport and that I’ll either win or help someone else to win gold for Britain."

Name: Ben
From: Liverpool
Age: 25
His passion: Music and dance
Nominated by: The NUS

Ben’s The Balloons Project teaches and inspires young people through the medium of colour, light, art, poetry, music, drama, dance and fun.

"I aspire to continue The Balloons Project after the London 2012 Olympic Games finish. I would like to make a difference through what I do because I truly believe in it."

Name: Cameron
From: Wigan
Age: 16
His passion: Sport
Nominated by: StreetGames

Since recovering from a skiing accident six years ago, Cameron is passionate about getting those who are less able to be involved in sport.

"I have numerous ideas on how I want to progress over the next few years, and have set myself a number of goals and targets around fundraising, volunteering, coaching and sport."

Name: Daisy
From: Surrey
Age: 24
Her passion: Environment and community
Nominated by: BioRegional

Daisy demonstrates her passion for sustainability through her work with One Planet Living.

"One day in the near future, I feel I will be able to help build a network of green developments around the world, and influence governments and business leaders to care more for the environment.”

Name: Durone
From: London
Age: 17
His passion: Music and dance
Nominated by: The BRIT School

Durone has used his passions to bring music to patients in a local hospice, and has proved to be a strong and confident role model for his peers.

"My goal is to become influential in the performance trade so I can become a role model and inspire confidence in others, helping them to achieve their own goals."

Name: Elizabeth
From: Lancashire
Her passion: Gymnastics
Nominated by: StreetGames

Elizabeth has volunteered at gymnastics sessions on a weekly basis since she was 12 years old.

"In the future, I hope to still be involved with sport and helping young people by continuing to coach or by becoming a physiotherapist. I would also like to be part of a team or programme that increases the amount of physical activity in my local community."

Name: Melanie
Age: 22
From: London
Her passion: Cheerleading
Nominated by: StreetGames

Melanie has been an exceptional leader within StreetGames for many years.

"Cheerleading has taught me to be an effective leader and role model. My long-term goal is to become the head teacher of a school so I can ensure the children I work with have the best chance of achieving their dreams."

Name: Rachel
Age: 20
From: Northamptonshire
Her passion: Environment and community
Nominated by: The NUS

Rachel inspires others with her desire to give back to her community through volunteering.

"I am extremely passionate about working in, and giving back to, communities. After graduating from university I aspire to become a teacher. This, I hope, will enable me to use my direct experience of disability in both education and general life to help other disabled children achieve their full potential."

Name: Ross
Age: 18
From: East Ayrshire
His passion: Basketball
Nominated by: Scottish Sports Futures

Ross is passionate about basketball, and coaches 5 to 10-year-olds. His drive to become a better player has inspired many of his peers.

"I would like to become a professional European basketball player. My dream for the future is to set up a fund to help other young people in my position achieve their goals, either financially or through practical training."

Name: Sophie
Age: 16
From: London
Her passion: Dance
Nominated by: The BRIT School

As well as keeping up her own dance studies, Sophie has been teaching at a local dance school since she was 13, helping the students perform better and aim higher.

"I help the students put on shows, which is something I hope to continue in the future – I love to inspire others with what I have learnt. I want to be a professional dancer one day, and take my skills around the world."

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