The sound of sport

The story behind Coca‑Cola’s song for London 2012 created by Mark Ronson, featuring the sounds of five Olympic sports and vocals by Katy B

Mark Ronson, Katy B, Darius Knight, Dayyan Jaffar, Kseniya Vdovina, David Oliver

As part of our aim to connect British teens with the London 2012 Olympic Games, Coca‑Cola has launched Move to the Beat™ – a unique campaign that fuses Olympic sport with music.

Coca‑Cola and Grammy award-winning music producer Mark Ronson have travelled the world, capturing the sounds of five different Olympic sports and blending them into one song that brings the spirit of London 2012 to life.

In their quest to fuse sport and music, Coca‑Cola and Mark Ronson visited five young Olympic hopefuls in their hometowns and worked closely with them to record the distinct sounds of their five Olympic sports in action – this included noises as diverse as an archery arrow flying through the air and piercing the target, a hurdler’s rhythmic footsteps, the pulsing heartbeat of a sprinter and the grunts of a table tennis player as he hits the ball. Each of the five athletes was chosen because they embody the values of positivity and optimism that are at the heart of Coca‑Cola and the Olympic movement.

The athletes of Coca‑Cola’s song for London 2012:

Darius Knight, table tennis player from Great Britain

David Oliver, 110m hurdler from the USA

Dayyan Jaffar, archer from Singapore

Kseniya Vdovina, 400m sprinter from Russia

Maria Espinoza, taekwondo athlete from Mexico

Commenting on his involvement in our Move to the Beat™ campaign, Mark Ronson said: "I've been able to do something really unique, meeting these remarkable athletes and recording their sounds to use in this song. It's exciting to be working with Coca‑Cola on the Move to the Beat™ campaign for London 2012."

Where can I hear Coca‑Cola’s song for London 2012?

Coca‑Cola's song for London 2012 by Mark Ronson is the soundtrack for our TV ads during the London 2012 Olympic Games, and will also be released as a single.

The different sporting noises are also part of an interactive feature embedded within the architecture of Coca‑Cola's Olympic Games Pavilion in the Olympic Park. People can visit the 'Coca‑Cola Beatbox' and play and interact with the sounds to mix their own beat of London 2012.

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