Meet the Coca‑Cola Beat Fleet!

Our cutting-edge, sustainable vehicles will lead more than 8,000 Olympic Torchbearers on their journey around the UK

Coca‑Cola Beat Fleet

Coca‑Cola, Presenting Partner of the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay, has unveiled a unique fleet of sustainable vehicles that will travel the route of the Olympic Torch Relay, kick-starting an unprecedented carnival atmosphere across the nation in the run up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The fleet of vehicles will encourage people to Move to the Beat™, as Coca‑Cola’s song for London 2012 plays for the crowds gathered to watch the Olympic Flame go by. The song, Anywhere in the World, is a collaboration between Grammy award-winning producer Mark Ronson and chart-topping vocalist Katy B.

As the Beat Fleet tours the country from Land’s End to the Orkney Islands, the Coca‑Cola team will be working to whip up excitement every step of the way. We’ll be handing out special edition, commemorative Coke bottles and memorabilia, and encouraging locals to line the Relay route and cheer on their local Future Flames – inspirational young people who have been chosen by Coca‑Cola to run with the Olympic Flame.

What’s more, in keeping with Coca‑Cola’s commitment to help the London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games deliver the most sustainable Games of modern times, our convoy of vehicles will feature cutting-edge green technology. For example, the Beat Box and Beat Bus have been converted to use diesel-electric hybrid power, a change that we estimate will save 1.6 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions during the course of the Relay.

Meanwhile, Recycle Beat – an innovative mobile recycling unit – is fitted with an advanced exhaust clean-up system and low-emission auxiliary generator to reduce air pollution dramatically. Recycle Beat will help to educate the public about recycling and encourage them to recycle both during the Olympic Torch Relay and in their own homes.

The Coca‑Cola Beat Fleet Family

Mini Beat - Specially designed by Mini, Supporting Partner of the Olympic Torch Relay, Mini Beat will travel roughly an hour ahead of the Olympic Flame to create excitement and encourage people to come out of their homes and line the Relay route.

Beat Bus - This hybrid bus will travel around 30 minutes ahead of the Olympic Flame. It will be used to let the public know the location of the Torchbearer running spots and to provide safety information for those who will be watching the Relay.

Beat Box - The Beat Box will travel around 30 minutes ahead of the Olympic Flame, playing music and encouraging the crowd to Move to the Beat™.

Recycle Beat - This cutting edge unit is designed to inspire people to recycle. Those who deposit empty bottles in the vehicle will get a musical reward.

James Williams, Director of the Olympic Torch Relay for The Coca‑Cola Company, said: "As a Presenting Partner of the Olympic Torch Relay, we are incredibly excited and proud to announce the introduction of the Beat Fleet. These highly sustainable vehicles showcase the latest in green technology.

"Not only will they help to galvanise nationwide support for all the Future Flames honoured with carrying the Olympic Flame, the Beat Fleet will also help to unite the nation, allowing everybody to take part in the UK's biggest party. We're encouraging everyone across the UK to come down, join in the fun and cheer on their local Future Flames during this historic occasion."

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