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London: Distilled

GLACÉAU smartwater surprises the capital with innovative geo-targeted outdoor technology. GLACÉAU smartwater has introduced inventive out of home creative that uses beacon technology to share tips from influential Londoners, with members of the public. Launched last week, the outdoor advertising alerts users in the nearby proximity, and will be live until the end of September. From the tastiest brunch in Chelsea to the trendiest pedicure in Hoxton,

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Nation of summer social fakers revealed

By September, the average Brit* has enjoyed a whopping 109 ‘perfect’ summer holiday sunsets, 125 poolside views and 74 pairs of ‘hotdog legs’ sizzling in the sunshine. Unfortunately, none of these are in reality; these perfect summer moments have all been witnessed on social media. The average surveyed Brit takes just one holiday between June and August, with 39% of us taking no time off at all over this period. However, over these same months, Brits

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Honest launches in the UK: New organic bottled herbal tea brand is #refreshinglyhonest

HONEST, a new organic bottled herbal tea brand, has launched in the UK for the first time, with three low calorie variants. After almost 20 years of success as the top-selling organic bottled tea in the US, HONEST is launching in the UK this month. HONEST is aimed at those who seek organic refreshment during their busy on-the-go lifestyle. The three variants launching this summer are: Lemon Flavoured Herbal Tea with Honey, Orange and Mango Flavoured

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Top summer fashion and beauty fails

When the temperature starts to rise, Brits begin to lose their cool in the sartorial stakes, leaving us much more likely to commit a summer fashion sin. Research from Oasis Drinks reveals our fashion and beauty habits; from inappropriate office attire to frightful footwear, the nation has spoken out, naming and shaming our top summer fashion and beauty faux pas...  

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glacéau smartwater teams up with Fat Buddha Yoga to introduce #smartyoga sessions

This summer, GLACÉAU smartwater has teamed up with cult-London yoga class - Fat Buddha Yoga, to introduce Smart Yoga. The sessions invite guests to enjoy a ‘distilled’ alfresco yoga experience on the garden roof terrace of their central London HQ. GLACÉAU smartwater and Fat Buddha Yoga have partnered to create the 45-minute Smart Yoga session as part of the GLACÉAU smartwater #lifedistilled campaign. ‘Life Distilled’ celebrates smart thinking,

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New self-serving drinks mac is a festival essential

It’s UK festival season, meaning one thing is guaranteed – rain, and lots of it. We’ve seen steady downpours already this summer and, with July and August festivals coming thick and fast, waterproofs will surely be an essential for all revelers. Of course, rain and its chief side effect, mud, aren’t the only festival bugbears; losing your spot, your mates and missing out on the music because you’re in the drinks queue are top festival frustrations. That’s

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Rita Ora is a feast for the senses at the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Taste Lounge

Coca-Cola and singer/songwriter Rita Ora teamed up today to celebrate the launch of the new and improved Coca-Cola Zero Sugar. The star and Coca-Cola fan opened the doors to the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Taste Lounge to give fans an exclusive taste of the new drink. The opening marks the launch of the new and improved Coca-Cola Zero Sugar which ‘tastes more like Coke and looks more like Coke’ but without the sugar.  The new recipe has been created

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Coca-Cola Zero Sugar launches with £10 million campaign to encourage more people to choose no sugar

Coca-Cola Great Britain has launched its biggest new product campaign in a decade as Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, the new and improved sugar free Coca-Cola, hits shelves across the UK. The new recipe tastes even more like the original Coca-Cola Classic, but without sugar and is supported by a multi-million-pound marketing campaign. The launch, announced in April, is the latest in a number of actions taken by Coca-Cola Great Britain to help people reduce

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Coca-Cola Great Britain extends partnership with StreetGames

Coca-Cola Great Britain has extended its six-year partnership with doorstep sports charity StreetGames in a move which will bring thousands more opportunities for people to access grassroots sports and activities across the UK. The new partnership will see StreetGames and Coca-Cola Great Britain work together through to 2020 and is part of the Company’s £20 million investment in community-based activity programmes. For the first time StreetGames

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24/7 on-the-go hydration: glacéau smartwater unveils sports edition

Summer is upon us, meaning more time for walking to work, working-out and getting in some serious sweat time. Introducing the new glacéau smartwater sports cap bottle (850ml) that offers the perfect partner for on-the-go hydration.   Hitting UK shores this week, glacéau smartwater sports cap is already becoming the arm candy of Hollywood’s glitterati - from film and football stars to reality TV royalty - who take their hydration seriously. It’s

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