Coca‑Cola's low-calorie drinks

A look at Coca‑Cola's drinks that have few or no calories

Low calorie soft drinks - Schweppes, Fanta, Oasis, Diet Coke

We know many people who enjoy our drinks are keen to cut down on calories, which is why more than 36 per cent of the drinks we sell in the UK are low- or no-calorie.

Did you know? More than a third of the colas we sell in the UK are low- or no-calorie. Both Coke Zero and Diet Coke are sugar free and contain less than one calorie per can

All Coca‑Cola drinks have nutritional and GDA labelling so you can make the right choice about which drink is right for you.

Active, healthy lifestyles
For most people, too many calories consumed, and not enough calories used in daily activities, can contribute to being overweight or obese. At Coca Cola, we offer a continuously expanding range of low- or no-calorie drinks, in both sparkling and still varieties, and encourage active, healthy lifestyles through the sporting programmes and activities we sponsor, which make it easier for families and young people to get active.

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