What's Your Goal?

Whatever your goal, we want to see you score it!

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ soon to kick off, we’ve teamed up with England striker Daniel Sturridge to get you in the sporting spirit and test your skills!

Watch this video message from Daniel, featuring several talented young people from our partner StreetGames, to find out more about the competition.

We went behind-the-scenes of the shoot and asked some of the StreetGames stars: what are your biggest goals in life?

Ashaan Lowe

"My biggest goal is to become a professional footballer, to make it big. [StreetGames] has definitely had an impact on me. I play here almost every day and it’s definitely made me better technically and improved my performance."   

Jerome Graham

"In 10 years’ time I hope to be playing for Arsenal. My biggest goal is be a professional footballer for England. StreetGames has made me realise I want to be a footballer and how I can achieve it."                                                                                                            

Daeschonal Coates

"My goal is to be the best footballer in the world. Where do I see myself in 10 years? In the Premiership and competing against others who are good like me."                                                                                                                                            

StreetGames is a UK charity providing sporting opportunities for young people from disadvantaged communities across the country. Through Coca‑Cola’s partnership with StreetGames, we’re helping young people who don’t have access to sport in their everyday lives to benefit from improved coaching, a greater choice of activities on their doorsteps, and a series of neighbourhood sports festivals.

Show us your goal in three simple steps

For a chance to win £100 sports voucher and a Coca‑Cola football, this is all you have do:

  1. Choose your goal
  2. Hit it with a ball
  3. Share the video on Instagram with the hashtag #WhatsYourGoal

When you’ve finished, you’ll get a comment from @CocaColaOfficial on Instagram explaining what do next.

Each video you upload to Instagram with the hashtag #WhatsYourGoal will appear in our What’s Your Goal gallery. We’ll pick a daily winner at random, while the overall winner will be decided by a public vote.

If you’re not on Instagram, don’t worry! You can also upload your video directly to our gallery from your computer or phone. Good luck!

This competition is now closed.

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