This is a hoax and we are aware of a number of emails and text messages in circulation claiming to be part of or affiliated with a Coca‑Cola sponsored promotion or marketing programme. The Coca‑Cola Company is in no way associated with these emails or texts.

Unfortunately, some people try to exploit the trust consumers have in the Coca‑Cola brand by using it in email or SMS scams designed to extract information for their own financial gain. When we become aware of such schemes, we do what we can to get email addresses closed down, but new ones are quickly created. You can get advice on how to report spam text messages from the ICO's website.

In addition, we have found some common traits that can hopefully help people to identify a hoax letter or email:

* They are written to look official and appear to come from a financial institution.
* They often contain a claim number and may even include a false cheque that appears to be from Coke or another Coca‑Cola bottler.
* Other common signs include: spelling and grammatical errors in the email, improper use of company trademarks, sender's use of free, non-corporate email accounts, and requests for personal information and the promise of quick financial gain.

We encourage you to be vigilant when you receive such approaches and ignore them. If you have any doubts, please get in touch