Below you'll find some of the most frequently asked questions about the rumours relating to Coca-Cola.

1. Was Coca‑Cola originally green in colour?

2. Is it true that Santa traditionally wears red because of Coca‑Cola?

3. Has the secret formula for Coca-Cola been revealed?

4. Does Coca‑Cola promote any particular religion?

5. I’ve heard that Coke doesn’t market their drinks responsibly in Mexico. Is this true?

6. Coca‑Cola myths in the Middle East

7. Can Coca‑Cola be used as a household cleaner?

8. Is Coca‑Cola good for using as a suntan lotion? It is often used like this in Brazil.

9. Is it true that if you leave a tooth/piece of meat/2p coin in a glass of Coca‑Cola overnight it will totally dissolve?

10. I recently got an email / text message from Coca‑Cola saying I had won a lot of money. Is this a scam?

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