Share a Coke FAQs

Find out how you can Share a Coke this summer!

Share a Coke 2014 FAQs

What is Share a Coke all about?

Last summer we swapped our iconic logo with 250 of Great Britain’s most popular names so you could Share a Coke with friends or loved ones.

This summer Share a Coke is back with over a thousand names and we’ve also added nicknames on our cans and bottles, so keep your eyes peeled and Share a Coke with your Mum, Dad, Sis, Bestie and more…

And that’s just the start! This year, you can also:

Is my name on a bottle?

We've chosen over a thousand of Great Britain's most popular names to replace our iconic Coca‑Cola logo so as many people as possible can Share a Coke with someone special.

See the full list of Share a Coke names.

What Coca‑Cola products can I get my name on?

You’ve lots to choose from! You can find names on 500ml and 375ml PET bottles of Coca‑Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero. You will also be able to find a range of nicknames, such as ‘Dad’ and ‘Bestie’ across our 330ml cans. And our 1.75L bottles of Coke are perfect for sharing with ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’.

Will there be another Share a Coke tour this summer?

The Share a Coke roadshow has now come to end. Thanks for stopping by and sharing a Coke with us! You can still find over 1,000 names on bottles nationwide, or check the Coke Zone website for more fun ways to get involved.

Got more questions? Check out the full list of Share a Coke FAQs to find out more.

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