We know that many people who enjoy our drinks are keen to cut down on the calories that come from sugar, which is why 36% of our sales volume in the UK are either sugar free or low in sugar. All our drinks have nutritional and RI labelling so you can make the right choice about which drink is right for you.

The following drinks do not contain any added sugar:

Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar
Coca-Cola Zero Cherry
Diet Coke
Diet Coke with cherry
Diet Coke with citrus zest
Caffeine Free Diet Coke
Fanta Zero Orange
Fanta Zero Icy Lemon
Lilt Zero
Sprite Zero
Oasis Summer Fruits Light
Oasis Peach Passionfruit Light
Dr Pepper Zero
Schweppes Slimline Canada Dry Ginger Ale
Schweppes Slimline Bitter Lemon
Schweppes Slimline Indian Tonic Water
Schweppes Slimline Indian Tonic Water with lemon zest
Schweppes Diet Lemonade
Schweppes Soda Water
Kia-Ora No Added Sugar Orange Squash
Kia-Ora No Added Sugar Mixed Fruit Squash
Relentless Ultra
Powerade Zero Berry & Tropical
Powerade Zero Red Fruits
Abbey Well Natural Mineral Water Still
Abbey Well Natural Mineral Water Sparkling
glaceau smartwater