There’s a rather complex explanation for what you’ve pointed out – a no calories’ or “zero calories” claim on-pack. What we, and other food and drink manufacturers, can claim about our products is governed by something called the European Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation. This defines calorie-free (or zero calories) as a calorie content of up to 4 calories per 100ml, which means Fanta Zero is considered to be calorie free/zero calorie.

In the UK, Fanta Zero Orange contains 3 calories per 100ml because it contains a small amount of orange juice.

To put this in context, an average adult female is recommended to consume 2,000 calories per day and an average adult male should consume 2,500 calories per day. So, for example, the 10 calories per 330ml in a serving of Fanta Orange Zero is regarded as being so low that it is considered negligible in term of the contribution it makes to a person’s daily energy intake.