How is Coca‑Cola contributing to the fight against obesity and helping people to achieve energy balance?

We, along with other food and drink companies, recognise the important role we have to play in the fight against obesity. But we cannot solve the problem on our own. It requires collective action from us all – the government, industry, NGOs, academics and individuals – and we are very committed to playing our part.

In the UK we have been helping consumers choose lower-calorie options since we launched Diet Coke 30 years ago. Today more than 40 per cent of the Coca‑Cola we sell in the UK is zero sugar, no-calorie (Diet Coke or Coca‑Cola Zero). We have also reformulated brands such as Fanta Orange, Oasis and Lilt to reduce their calorie content by between 30 and 56 per cent. In March 2013, we announced the introduction of our new, reduced-calorie Sprite. But we recognise that more is needed – and we are doing more.

In March 2012 we were among the first to sign up to the government’s Responsibility Deal calorie reduction pledge, committing us to taking more action to help consumers reduce their calorie intake. To do this, we are reformulating some of our leading brands (such as Sprite), and are increasing the marketing spend behind our low-calorie, zero sugar colas. This can be seen in our Coca‑Cola Zero advertising, which raises awareness of Coca‑Cola Zero’s great Coke taste, zero sugar, no-calorie message.

We have also launched a series of adverts in the UK to help consumers become more aware of the importance of energy balance, ie balancing 'energy in' (what you eat and drink) with 'energy out' (the exercise you do) in order to maintain a healthy weight. People need to have greater information about the calories they are taking in and the importance of a healthy active lifestyle. That’s why we make sure all of our products have clear nutritional labelling on the packaging, why we have a low- or no-calorie option for all of our major UK brands and why we believe these adverts can help to encourage behaviour change so that more people get the energy balance right.

Promoting physical activity is also a key part of what we're doing to help fight obesity in the UK. In 2014 we announced a new pledge to get one million people active by the year 2020. It's our biggest investment in active lifestyles to date – stay updated on how we're encouraging more people to get active here.

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Our Coming Together advert explains how we can all work together to get the energy balance right.

In our latest advert we remind people that following the lifestyle enjoyed by our grandparents – moving more, eating well, taking it easy – can be beneficial.

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