What has Coca‑Cola done to ensure water is used responsibly in its operations in India?

India has over 17 per cent of the world’s population, but less than 4 per cent of the world’s freshwater resources. Consequently, water availability will continue to be a serious issue in many parts of India.

At Coca‑Cola, we believe we can be part of the solution to India’s water issues and we’ve made water stewardship the primary focus of our sustainability efforts throughout the country. Our efforts start inside our plants where we focus on improving our water use efficiency and treating the wastewater from our manufacturing processes before it is discharged from our bottling plants.

We’ve improved our water use efficiency by 44 per cent since 2007 and we’re continuing to invest in new innovations and plant processes to help us make even more improvements moving forward. We’ve also aligned every one of our plants in India with the Indian Pollution Control Board norms and our own stringent, global wastewater treatment guidelines.

Outside our plants, we’re striving to replenish more than 100 per cent of all the water we use throughout India. By the end of 2012, we replenished approximately 110 per cent of the water we use through the creation of rainwater harvesting structures, restoration of ponds, check dams, and interventions focused on improving water use efficiency in agriculture. As of 2013, we’ve commissioned more than 400 water replenishment projects in 22 states, and continue to nurture this programme with support from our bottlers across India.

Learn more about our water stewardship initiatives in Coca‑Cola India’s Environmental Report.

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