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        You have saved enough energy to power:

          If everyone in the UK recycled this, we'd save enough energy to power for a year:

          Recycling facts

          • Glass


            Glass is one of the easiest things to recycle and can be turned into all kinds of products, such as sand in golf bunkers, road surfacing and shiny new bottles and jars.

          • Aluminium


            Recycling aluminium cans uses just a tiny five per cent of the energy that would be required to make new cans from scratch. The hardy material can be recycled again and again.

          • Plastic


            Recycling plastic bottles back into new items uses much less energy than making new ones, conserves fossil fuels and reduces harmful gas emissions. Bottles in Coca-Cola's innovative PlantBottle range are made from up to 22.5% plant material and up to 25% recycled plastic and are completely recyclable, just like regular plastic.

          • Watch videos

            Watch videos

            Watch videos from WRAP's Recycle Now website to learn what happens to glass, plastic, cans and other materials when they are recycled.

          Recycling tips

          • Click the button for handy tips on recycling and reducing your waste at home.

          • Old shoes... Egg shells... Batteries...
            Unsure what to recycle? Use Recycle Now's
            'Can it be recycled' widget.

          • Type in your postcode on WRAP's Recycle Now website to get the local lowdown on recycling.

          • Recycle plastic drink bottles on the go at Coca-Cola's Recycle Zones.

          • Make sorting rubbish easy by placing your recycle bin next to your general waste bin.

          • Use old washing up water to rinse milk bottles and other food containers before recycling.

          • Always end up with leftover rice on curry night? Cooked too much mash? Find out how much to throw in
            the pan with WRAP's perfect portion calculator.

          • Consider buying concentrated products when you shop. Tomato puree, condensed soups and concentrated liquid detergents use less water and packaging per dosage.

          • Get in touch with your local council and request a recycling box or bin, if available.

          • Check what popular brands are doing to reduce their packaging and waste, including Coca-Cola and our ultra light glass bottles and ultra thin aluminium cans.

          • Consider buying refills of hand soap, coffee granules, tissues etc... not only do they use less packaging, they can save you money in the long run, too.

          • Understand the recycling symbols on packaging with this easy-to-use key.

          • Find out ways to revive ingredients on the brink of going off with these handy tips. Share yours too!

          • When out shopping, roll up an eco-friendly shopping tote in your handbag to use instead of plastic carrier bags.

          • Buying ready-measured products, such as dishwasher tablets, can help reduce waste.

          • Fresh food will keep for longer if your fridge's temperature is always at 1-5 degrees.

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          Coca-Cola Recyclometer

          The Coca‑Cola Recyclometer calculates the positive impact you have each time you recycle. With just a few clicks, this handy tool tells you how much energy you save when you recycle cans, plastic bottles, jars, magazines and more, compared with the energy that would be lost by simply throwing those items away.

          Did you know? Recycling just one 330ml aluminium can saves enough energy to power a light bulb for two and a half hours

          Throwing a can into a recycling bin may feel like a small act – but if everyone in the UK did the same, we’d save enough energy to power a dazzling 16,916 bulbs continuously for a whole year.

          Go on: take a look in your recycling bin and plug its contents into the Coca‑Cola Recyclometer for more illuminating facts and figures.

          More recycling fun!

          • Find your nearest Coca‑Cola Recycle Zone and recycle your empty drinks packaging on the go
          • The bottles in our new PlantBottle™ range are made using up to 22.5% plant-based materials and up to 25% recycled plastic. They are also 100% recyclable
          • Read all about furniture  and umbrellas made from recycled plastic bottles

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