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Coca‑Cola rewards responsible drivers during the festive season with a ‘buy one, get one free’ offer at pubs across the UK

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Our nationwide Designated Driver campaign forms part of Coca Cola Great Britain’s pledge to promote the positive role that soft drinks can play as credible alternatives to alcohol.

We're rewarding drivers who choose not to drink alcohol with a ‘buy one, get one free’ offer on Coca‑Cola, Diet Coke and Coke Zero (subject to availability). It's a key feature of our overall commitment to responsible marketing.

About 8,000 pubs across the UK have signed up to support responsible drivers in 2013. The scheme will officially run for three weeks from 9 to 31 December and is run in partnership with the Department for Transport's (DfT's) THINK! road safety campaign.

For more information about our Designated Driver scheme, read our FAQs.

Our 2013 Designated Driver offer has now come to an end. We'd like to thank all of the outlets that worked with us to bring the campaign to life across the UK.

Organisations that support Designated Driver:

Department for Transport
"Most people know that drinking and driving is wrong and don't do it, but sadly there are some who still do. Anyone tempted to have a tipple at Christmas time before climbing behind the wheel should know they face some very serious consequences. Not only will you lose your licence but, if you rely on your car for work, you will potentially lose your job or wreck your chance of future employment." Robert Goodwill, Road Safety Minister

Find out more about the THINK! road safety campaign.

"I am delighted to support Coca‑Cola’s Designated Driver Campaign. Everyone wants to enjoy themselves, particularly at this time of year, but that enjoyment can turn to tragedy if you think that you are safe to drive after drinking. Any alcohol in your system can impair reactions, and if you are over the limit, you will be caught, you will be prosecuted and you will lose your licence. So if you are going out with friends and know you will need a lift home at the end of the night, please – for everyone’s sake – drink responsibly and appoint a designated driver. It will keep you and other road users safe and ensure that we all have a happy Christmas.”

AA Drive Tech
“As a provider of drink-drive rehabilitation courses, we have firsthand experience of the consequences of drinking and driving. Over the festive season there can be even more occasions when the temptation to drink and drive is there. Coca‑Cola’s campaign to help support those who make the responsible decision to remain alcohol-free as the designated driver is to be welcomed. As well as keeping many drivers safe when they are out in the participating pubs and clubs this Christmas, I hope the campaign’s message – that if you are driving you should not be drinking any alcohol at all – will resonate with a wider audience and help keep our roads safe.” Jim Kirkwood, Managing Director, AA DriveTech.

Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers
"The relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of the pub is the best place to enjoy some festive cheer this Christmas time. Designated drivers play an important role in ensuring that revellers have a safe, enjoyable time over the holidays. Congratulations to Coke on the continuing success of the Designated Driver campaign, which we are pleased to support for the third year running." Kate Nicholls, Strategic Affairs Director

"The BII supports responsible retailing and this campaign is an excellent example of how licensed premises can encourage their consumers to stay safe over the festive period. We would like to congratulate Coca Cola for encouraging responsible drinking with this scheme.” Peter Thomas, Chief Executive

British Beer & Pub Association
"It’s great to see Coca‑Cola once again supporting this campaign. The Great British pub is at the heart of all our Christmas celebrations, so having a designated driver means people can get in the party spirit knowing they can have a safe journey home.” Brigid Simmonds, Chief Executive

British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA)
"We are delighted to support Coca‑Cola Great Britain and its Designated Driver campaign. Everyone should be able to enjoy themselves at Christmas and this is a great way to encourage responsible drinking without anyone feeling left out of the festivities.” Gavin Partington, Director General

"Our advice on the issue of drink-driving is simple: if you’re drinking, don’t drive. Alcohol affects judgement and co-ordination, so it’s difficult to judge how many drinks will take an individual over the legal alcohol limit for drivers, as this depends on their blood alcohol concentration. We support initiatives that encourage people to stay alcohol-free if they are driving as it is simply not worth taking the risk.” Elaine Hindal, Chief Executive

Food and Drink Federation
"Many of us will be looking forward to enjoying this year’s festive season with a night out or two with family and friends. Coca‑Cola’s campaign rewards designated drivers for the important part they play in helping party-goers to get home safely. We are delighted to support Coca‑Cola’s efforts to promote road safety this Christmas and are in no doubt that this initiative will enjoy good take-up by designated drivers across the country.” Melanie Leech, Director General

Institute of Advanced Motorists
“I am happy to support this campaign. As the party season begins, everyone wants to enjoy themselves. Make sure you end a night out safely by planning ahead. A designated driver who has none for the road is the best way to stay safe and merry this Christmas.” Simon Best, Chief Executive

Portman Group
"While we have seen a significant fall in drink-driving in recent years, there is still work to do. Drinks producers strongly support designated driver schemes and we welcome this great campaign.” Henry Ashworth, Chief Executive, Portman Group

“The RAC is proud once again to support Coca‑Cola’s Designated Driver campaign as it plays an important role in making it easier and more affordable for drivers to enjoy Christmas nights out drinking soft drinks. Any initiative that gives people an alternative to alcohol over the festive season and reduces the temptation to drink and drive can only be a positive step.” Pete Williams, Head of External Affairs

RAC Foundation
“The RAC Foundation is pleased to support the Coca‑Cola Designated Driver campaign, which spreads the ‘Don’t drink and drive message’ by rewarding responsibility. In 2012 drink drive collisions were responsible for 17% of all road deaths and this figure is far too high. The message to drivers is clear: don’t drink and drive – be a designated driver instead this Christmas and earn yourself a round of applause.” Stephen Glaister, Director of the RAC Foundation

Road Safety GB
"As the organisation that represents local authority road safety teams across the UK, Road Safety GB is delighted to again endorse and support Coca‑Cola's efforts to help reduce drink-drive related road casualties during the festive period. We all know that there are a huge number of office parties and social gatherings at this time of the year and while the vast majority of drivers act responsibly, some drivers need reminding of the dangers of drink-driving and encouragement to do the right thing. This designated driver initiative affects drink-drive decisions at point of sale and as such provides valuable support to the efforts of the Association of Chief Police Officers, the Department for Transport and local road safety teams in dissuading people from drink-driving." Honor Byford, Director and Chairperson.

"Mates are real mates when they look after each other and having one drink too many is all too easy. A designated driver can make all the difference in avoiding a tragedy. Mates who offer to be the designated driver are those real mates. It is great that Coca‑Cola is helping them." Adrian Walsh, Director

Want to show your support?

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• Promotion runs from 9 to 31 December 2013 at participating venues.

• Venues deemed to be ‘participating’ have confirmed with Coca Cola that they wish to take part, and have been issued with an activation kit. It is the responsibility of the venue to activate this promotion. Offer subject to availability. Individual venues may apply additional terms.

• When purchasing drinks including a Coca Cola, Diet Coke or Coke Zero, please make it known to the bar staff if you or one of your group is a designated driver.

• In return for purchasing a Coca Cola, Diet Coke or Coke Zero, designated drivers will receive confirmation from the bar staff that they can claim a second soft drink free. The method of confirmation may vary from outlet to outlet.

• This offer is not applicable if the designated driver has already been drinking alcohol. The offer will be made available to customers, or refused, at the discretion of individual venues.

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