Coca‑Cola study measures global happiness

A Coca‑Cola commissioned study finds out what makes the world smile

Coca‑Cola has always sought to express a positive view of the world. Through our drinks, advertising, Live Positively message and sustainability initiatives, we've always aimed to communicate that despite the difficulties and stresses of modern life, there are still opportunities to find a moment for simple pleasures.

But we want to know what makes you happy. So we've carried out extensive research into what Coca‑Cola consumers around the world identify as 'happiness'. With the help of the Coca‑Cola Happiness Institute, created in Spain in 2008 to provide credible scientific information to support the link between happiness and wellness, Coca‑Cola has officially uncovered the greatest sources of your happiness with our Happiness Barometer Survey.

Did you know? Research has revealed Coca‑Cola as the brand most associated with happiness

As part of the survey, 12,500 individuals aged 15-65 across 16 countries were asked eight questions, in order to understand what happiness means to them.

The people that took part came from a mix of developed, emerging and developing countries, with those from Mexico and the Philippines topping the list as the happiest on earth. Our findings suggest that people don't link money or celebrity to happiness, instead citing travelling around the world, volunteering to help others and meeting the love of their life as being the key. Families and partners bring the most happiness, while friends feature more heavily in teen happiness.

UK happiness

  • Adults derive happiness from their family (63%)
  • Adults also derive happiness from their partner (57%)
  • Adults cite 'catching up with family / friends' as a daily highlight (41%)
  • Adults are also more likely to enjoy putting their feet up (21%)
  • Adults enjoy having dinner with their family (20% versus 4% of teenagers)

When it comes to Coca‑Cola, over half of people say it's the taste that makes them smile. So sharing a bottle of Coca‑Cola with family or friends can provide an opportunity to spend time together, savouring one of life's simple pleasures.

Source of happiness from drinking Coca‑Cola

  • Taste (56%)
  • Feeling after swallow (18%)
  • Bubbles (12%)
  • Uplift (8%)
  • Sound of bottle opening (8%)

"Coca‑Cola provides simple moments of pleasure throughout the day. Through this study we wanted to understand what else our consumers reach for in their quest for happiness," says Cristina Bondolowski, senior global brand director at Coca‑Cola. "We were especially pleased to see that it's the great taste of Coca‑Cola that is still putting a smile on faces around the world, as it has done for nearly 125 years."

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