Coca‑Cola Happiness Machine

A unique Coca‑Cola vending machine delivers Coca‑Cola, with a smile

In early 2010, an extra special Coca‑Cola vending machine was transformed to deliver surprising doses of happiness to unsuspecting university students in New York. Hidden cameras filmed the spontaneous reactions of students as the machine dispensed goodies including flowers, pizzas and sunglasses - and the video became a global internet sensation.

Now Coca‑Cola is unleashing happiness again, this time in Great Britain. A second machine is aiming to bring positivity, optimism and fun into UK students' lives by delivering up a lot more than they bargained for. Watch the video:

Happiness with a British twist
The iconic red Coca‑Cola vending machine aimed to perplex and delight passers-by as it dispensed a feast of unexpected items. From those with a classic British twist, including strawberries and cream, to games of Twister and of course, Coca‑Cola and Diet Coke, the magical machine succeeded in spreading happiness again.

Top honours

The original Coca‑Cola Happiness Machine was awarded CLIO's prestigious Gold Interactive Award at the 51st annual awards held in New York City. A CLIO award is one of the world's most recognised industry accolades for advertising, design and communications.

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